Who are we and where do we come from?

This is a translation from an article written by Micky of the Dutch website Indigo Revolution http://www.indigorevolution.nl/Wie-zijn-we-en-waar-komen-we-vandaan.html This is part 1 of series of articles to come in the near future..

Who are we, where do we come from, what are we doing here and where are we going? Those are the four most important questions in the process of awakening. I have never been satisfied with the scientifical as also the religious answers to these questions. The church tells you that we humans are the outcome of a huge amount of accidental bizarre gatherings of all sorts of coincidences. Because of these coincidences, which came together with a whole lot of luck on this planet, the human existence was a fact. I have never resonated with this generalized image which the scientific church is giving us, nor with religion. I don’t buy into a god figure which created everyone. That does not feel right to me, and if that would be true, why do we have to worship this god figure and live according his or her rules? Which almighty and all-knowing dear god would love to be honoured and worshipped? Isn’t that all very egocentric? Because I did not get any satisfying answers to my questions concerning the bigger picture, I decided to search for them myself. I eventually found the answers inside of me, not outside.

We are all dealing with mind programming and convictions which block us to really trust (in) ourselves again. All the knowledge we need is already inside of us. All we need to do is remember this knowledge again. We have been so conditioned during our lives to memorize the knowledge of others, instead of trusting our own wisdom.

Science and religion tell us that our existence is only in this Universe we live in. We work/evolve our way up if we have to believe these two religions. As often the opposite is the truth. We have, as you want to call this, walked our way down. And at the same time we are also present in the upper dimensions. We are multidimensional beings. This aspect of me who is writing this article is present in the third dimension here on Earth. Am I only Micky here on Earth? No, not by far. I am so much more than this one aspect here on Earth. We are eternal multidimensional Beings with no beginning and no end to us. And this aspect here on Earth is an incarnation of our multidimensional self in the third dimension here on Earth. There are twelve dimensions within this Universe. We are all present in all the twelve different dimensions at the same time within this Universe. If this doesn’t already sound schizofrenic, than the next thing might be a total surprise… We also excist outside this Universe.

The word Universe (Uni-Verse) speaks for itself. Uni is 1, so it is 1 verse. There are countless verses (Universes) outside this Universe. We are talking about a multiverse. The Universe we now live and experience in is a living being. All the other Universes are also living Beings. Each one of us here on Earth (and in the entire Cosmos) is also a Universe of their own. Just as we are all different in essence and have other unique qualities, so are all the Universes. We are so much more than our own Universe, we are Infinite. That means we don’t have a beginning or an end, we have always been and always will be. In other words: We don’t have a creator, a Source, no god or whatever that created us or is above us or greater than us. We are all equal. And we project aspects of our self in other Universes to learn and  experience how someone else is like. Because we all have unique qualities. Also this Universe where we now live and experience in.

This Universe has the quality of light. Light in all meanings of the word. Frequency, vibration, sound, duality, polarity, fragmentation, et cetera. Later on in this article and in other articles, I will come back to the meanings of this. Each one of us wanted to experience light in this Universe. We projected an aspect of our self in this Universe. We call that aspect our soul. I have found an image which gives a good sight of this Universe. According to this image, it is easier to visualise what I am going to describe.

GK Universal Model

What I’m going to talk about in this series of articles is in fact our journey through this Universe. We started in the higher dimensions. Although I prefer to call them deeper dimensions (I’m having problems with hierarchical terms). This Universe works via co-creation. Everything in this Universe is co-creation. When I say that we have the entire Universe inside of us, every word I say is true. The result of projecting ourselves in this Universe, is that we mixed (blended) together with this Universe. Our first steps in this Universe, we take in the higher dimensions. In fact 12D is the first level, 11D the second level, and so on. Because we are used to the Earthly term of 3D and looking up, we call 12D the first level to keep it clear. 12D up to 10D are the dimensions to acclimatize , to get used to the characteristics of this Universe of Light. We are talking about a symbiotic process when it concerns our journey through this Universe and the Universe itself. This Universe wanted to experience light in all forms and facets, just like us. The first step to take in this, is the splitting of yourself in two opposite forms of energy. I’m talking about the universal masculine and the universal feminine energy (more about this in another -follow up- article). The higher dimensions are harmonious in comparison to the lower dimensions. It is this feeling of harmony what a lot of us feel inside and remember.

After we got used to the characteristics of this Universe, we began our real journey through the dimensions. We were descending. In fact we were going from level to level, just like in a computergame. When we totally experienced and played out in one level, we went on in the next level to experience. Because we were destracting more and more from our true essence, we experienced this light in a more seperated form. Every level/dimension has a lower vibration and another frequency. It is in fact getting more dense and slower. Just like in the wave form on the image below (on the right side the higher dimensions and on the left side the lower dimensions). The further we get destracted from our essence, the slower it will be because we get further away from the signal.


12D up to 8D are the dimensions/levels in which we are pure energy. We don’t have no shape/form. Shape/form and also physical bodies are coming up from the dimension 7D. 7D up to 5D are the dimensions in which we embodie our higher/deeper self. We have a single energetic center. In these dimensions we are still a whole and there are no dis-eases and illness. That only excists in the lower dimensions, more info on that later. In the lower dimensions we have an energetic chakra body. Now it is no longer that one whole energetic centre, but a fragmented energetic layer which is present around our physical body. As said earlier, we needed to experience everything there is to experience, before we could go on to another level. Within each dimension are also many subdimensions with/from other frequencies and vibrations. When we experienced everything there is to experience in the fifth dimension, it was time for something completely new. As you can see in the image of the Universal model  there is a ‘great void’ between the fifth and fourth dimension. This is because the fourth and fifth dimension  are totally different, it can not be compared. The dimensions underneath the fifth dimension belong to the cosmic arena. When we descended to this cosmic arena we left our higher/deeper self behind in the higher dimensions. In other words: we seperated ourselves from all our (universal) knowledge and strength. We do have that connection with our deeper/higher aspects, always, because these aspects are still present in the other dimensions. The connection resides in our selves. We just forgot this connection because of descending more and more in density and the constant stream of destraction in the cosmic arena.

Actually I can’t describe in words how the fifth and higher dimensions look like and how they operate. It can’t be described when you imagine how all of our lives, all of our thousands (maybe millions or more) incarnations in the cosmic arena, are planned and orchestrated by ourself in the higher dimensions. When you think of how many experiences you have had in countless galaxies, stars and planets… than our mind is soon lost to comprehend how big all that is to ‘just’ plan and orchestrate this.

We can’t even get a picture in how immensely collosal and complex the cosmic arena is. To paint a tiny picture: We can see a tiny bit of this cosmic arena by the naked eye or through our telescopes. Scientists have calculated that in the MilkyWay are hundreds of millions of stars. One might also  say that there are hundreds of millions of other galaxies beside the MilkyWay. And that is just only a small part which we can see. And also just a part from our 3D reality. As stated, there are many different frequencies within each dimension. As you can see in the image (see above in this article) of the universal model, the fourth dimension excist out of many subdimensions. If you are inside of one of these subdimensions and you look up, it looks like you are seeing an entire Universe. And that just only from within the fourth dimension. I will come back later with more info about the fourth dimension in other articles, because this dimension is the domain of the energy which calls itself god. That energy sits on top of the fourth dimension and presents itself like the creator of all there is. That’s a story of it’s own and I will come back on this in more detail  in the near future. We can only see through our 3D glasses and only see the 3D layer in the cosmic arena. Because of that, for example, we see that there is no life on Venus and/or Jupiter. This is because we can only perceive from our limited frequency from 3D, and than a lot of planets seem without life. If you would see it through multidimensional glasses, you would see that the Cosmos is filled with life in all sorts of different vibrations, frequencies and dimensions. A star is in fact a planet, but than in a much higher vibration.

We are also not the only aspect of our multidimensional self in the cosmic arena. Not by far. We are a special aspect of our self. More about this in following article. Often it is said that we are here at the bottom of the Universe in 3D. That is not true. There is also the second en first dimension. These are not the mineral and/or flora and animal kingdom here on Earth as many claim it to be. The first and second dimension are the domains of almost pure dark and evil. Everything kills and eat eachother there to survive. In comparison to these dimensions, Earth seems like paradise. The cosmic arena is so collosal and so immensely complex, that the overview is gone soon. When you are up in the fourth dimension, it can feel like you are completely enlightened and you are in the highest dimensions of  the Universe. This are the energies the New Age is talking about and wants to bring people to. There will be some interesting articles about this deception.

Because of all the charesteristics of light which we wanted and want to experience, we have been miles away from our true essence, our true multidimensional self. We have about experienced what there is to experience in this Universe. We ‘descended’ in the dimensions. And are here at this important moment on Earth. Many think we have to crawl back up as it were. In other words, many would like to go back to the fourth dimension. But that is a huge misconception/deception. Logical by the way, because we all are longing for that harmony we once experienced. Ascension is a hot item within the New Age. We want to go back to where we came from. It is not about that in this Universe. Everbody knows this inside them selves. We wanted to experience light in all facets. We were seperated from our essence, seperated from our soul and our deeper self, and thus from all our knowledge and wisdom. We fragmented into countless aspects. We have gone all the way into experiencing all possible forms of duality and polarity. We have had a lot of light/positive incarnations within the cosmic arena. We have had as many dark/negative incarnations within the cosmic arena.

We have been the most beautiful and most loving, but at the same time we have been the darkest of the dark. That’s why we recognize all these facets of light and dark in others. After all, we have been it all. And we have not experienced and orchestrated all of this for ourselves from a deeper aspect. We wanted to become just like this Universe. We are our own unique Universe which projected an aspect in this Universe, to learn from this Universe by experiencing. By really experiencing all there is to experience what this Universe is. And all of these experiences and all of our aspects, we are integrating in this incarnation here on Earth. The question which follows logically as a follow up on this story is ‘What are we doing here, and why all the counteraction and deception?’ I will write about this in the next article.













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