What are we doing here and why all of the counteraction and deception?

Before you read the following article, I recommend to read this article first. This article is a translation of an article written by Micky from the Dutch website Indigo Revolution http://www.indigorevolution.nl/Wat-doen-we-hier-en-vanwaar-al-die-tegenwerking-en-misleiding.html

In part 1 of this series of articles I wrote about this Universe in which we live. I described that we are multidimensional beings who wanted to experience and do everything what this Universe has to offer. By that we descended in the dimensions and we projected aspects of our self (of our soul/essence) in all of these different dimensions and realities. The step from 5D to 4/3/2/1D was the biggest and most important step. We voluntarily distant ourselves from our deeper aspects like our deeper self and our soul (our essence), and started a journey through the lower dimensions (4D up to 1D) of the Universe. I call this the cosmic arena. Because of the descending to the cosmic arena, we forgot who we truly are. We experienced everything which the cosmic arena had to offer us in co-creation with this Universe (which is a living being). Once we experienced everything, and that is indiscribably much when you look at how big this cosmic arena is, it was time to bring all of these experiences together and to graduate as it were. To graduate as a Universal creator of light. Light is the characteristic of this Universe. It’s very difficult to translate this picture from my inner knowing in terms and words. We humans here on Earth are actually a kind of Universal embryo’s within the galactic whomb. Why I see this in this seemingly strange way, I will explain now.

We can’t imagine in our minds how big and complex all of our incarnations and experiences are within the cosmic arena. We have literally been everything and have experienced everything what can be experienced, within countless amounts of galaxies, starsystems, dimensions, realities and on planets. We have had the whole spectrum of duality from ‘positive’ to ‘negative’ and from ‘good’ to ‘bad’ and everything in between. We had to integrate this all in our essence. That was impossible to do, because we have been so far off from our essence. I explain this extensively in ‘Who are we and where do we come from?’ Our essence resides in the higher dimensions of this Universe and our traveling spirit (which contains our experiences within the cosmic arena) resides in the lower dimensions of this Universe. To plug in that aspect of us from the lower dimension into our essence, you can compare this with the plugging in of a tv in a power cable. That tv would explode instantly by the difference in voltage. That is how far away that aspect of mine is, who is writing this , from my essence in the higher dimensions. Something else had to be created in co-creation by which we could step out of the cosmic arena and merge with our essence. That creation became the galactic whomb. Our MilkyWay. And the path we took after that I call ‘the way to compression’.

Compression is one of the keys of our journey through this Universe. When we descended in the dimensions, every time an aspect of us was left behind in the higher dimension(s). The aspect in the lower dimensions is a compressed form of our essence. To explain compression more clearly, I use the example of an apple seed. An apple seed is a compressed form of the apple tree. When you put this seed in the ground and give it water, it will grow out eventually like the same complete apple tree. Our soul is the compression of our multidimensional self, our deeper/higher self is an compression of our soul, and what animates our body is a compression of our deeper self and thus also from our complete essence. The human body is also a compression. I will come back later to this form of compression in this article.

When we descended from 5D to 4D and lower, we knew there was just one way out of this cosmic arena. Many within the alternative media think that ascension is the way out. I can tell you that ascension is NOT the way out. Ascension will NEVER EVER lead you further then 4D. There is a Great void (barrier) between 5D and 4D and you will not get through this Great void by ascension and thus throughout mind enlightment/energy. This barrier can only be broken through by integrating all of our experiences within the cosmic arena in ourself, and connect through our hearts with our essence/our multidimensional self. When I write about integrate everything, I do mean EVERYTHING. As well as our dark aspects and experiences as also our light aspects and experiences. In the New Age you don’t integrate everything in yourself. What one does is denying or ignoring all dark aspects and experiences, one only looks at the positive/the ‘good’/the light sides and aspects of themselves. That’s why ascension is not the way out, it ignores/denies the half of what you are.

There had to be created something new in the cosmic arena, a way out of the cosmic arena to call it that way. There was a call throughout the cosmic arena, called Logos. Logos is sound, vibration and frequency. A certain sound was send out by the being that this Universe is, meant for everyone who was ready to continue further with the journey to compression. The ones who had experienced everything there is to experience in the cosmic arena.

What I’m going to write now is something the power behind the power on Earth, the Saturn cult, does not want you to know/remember. They have done everything, and I mean everything to cut us off from this knowledge. Knowledge everyone has inside of them. Because each one of us is incarnated at this time on Earth in this most important period ever within this Universe. We have all heard that call (Logos) from this Universe, otherwise we simply would not be here on Earth. Within the alternative media, especially within the new age church, we are told that we Earthlings are the lowest of the lowest. Souls that just arrived here, starters, the all around preached disinformation is that we, little people from Earth, have to look up to everything and everyone what/who is not from this Earth. Examples of this are all the so called ascended masters and aliens and interdimensional beings who come to tell us that if we are lucky we can join their galactic federation. Unless we do as they tell us to do. I will explain once and for all that that vision is one of the biggest deceptions, lies, that excists. As a matter of fact the roles are reversed. Most people here on Earth are the ‘ancients’, the elders of the cosmic arena and this Universe. We are the ones who had the courage and strength to descend as the first ones in the dimensions and get away from our complete essence. We have come to a level of fragmentation, polorisation and compression where almost no one else has come to. We are literally the wayshowers of this Universe. Each one of us was one of the wisest and most powerful souls of a complete galaxy. There are countless amounts of starsystems and within countless amounts of planets full of life. And we Earthlings belonged to the leading and most wise souls within these galaxies. When we heard the call of the Universe we knew it was time to start the next fase of our journey through this Universe. The way to compression came to a point to enter an unexplored area.

Compression was on the base of the creation of our MilkyWay galaxy. To reach the zero point, to integrate all of our experiences within this Universe, it was nescessary to compress everything this Universe has to offer in one single galaxy. In other words: all galaxies within the cosmic arena had to be present in compressed form within this new galaxy. All galaxies within the cosmic arena are represented in compressed form within the MilkyWay in the form of starsystems. To facilitate this process, the feminine Universal energy was being compressed into one single galaxy. The MilkyWay is the compressed feminine Universal energy. The feminine energy is the only energy which can give birth (life). That is also why I speak of Universal embryo’s in the galactic whomb. The masculine Universal energy was also compressed into a galaxy, within also all the other galaxies which were compressed into starsystems. This galaxy is just beside our MilkyWay, and this galaxy is called Andromeda.

In the early period after the creating of the MilkyWay, our galaxy was the decor of big cosmic wars. Because each starsystem represents an entire galaxy in compressed form, it also means that there was a lot of difference in energy and conception between the peoples who populated the different starsystems, more about this later in this article and more info in next articles. I will continue with the way to compression. To get further to the zero point, the point of complete integration of everything we have experienced within this Universe, it was nescessary to  compress the Universal masculine and feminine energy even further. In the form of a starsystem. The MilkyWay was injected with the masculine Universal energy by compressing this masculine Universal energy in the form of a starsystem within the MilkyWay. This starsystem was and is Orion. Orion had the archetype/characteristics ‘the hunter’, ‘supplier’ en ‘the protector’. Characteristics which stands for the role of the father. The feminine Universal energy was compressed into the starsystem Sirius. The archetype/characteristics of Sirius are ‘loyalty’, ‘protection’ and ‘unconditional love’. The role of the mother. This is deeply hidden knowledge which can be found in several places on Earth, therefrom all the attention for Orion and Sirius.

Before I continue it is important to know that not everyone was happy and pleased with the path to compression which we went on within our MilkyWay. There was and is a group which  call themselves gods and did not hear the call/Logos of the Universe and/or were wandered to far of from their true essence within the cosmic arena. In my next article I will come back extensively on this. I call this group the ‘Forces of Limitation’. And the Saturn cult are their puppets on Earth. These ‘gods’ are also ancients/elders within the cosmic arena. The difference with most of us was the fact that these ‘gods’ were so far of from their essence that they really thought that they were the only gods within this Universe. In the early period of the cosmic arena they were, just like the most of us, busy with creating life within the cosmic arena, through co-creation together with this Universe. In all possible ways and in all possible dimensions and realities. During that process they were getting more and more convinced of their own vision. One was creating what I call the ‘Synthetic Universe’. Dimensions and realities within the fourth dimension where there was almost not a single challenge for the ones that were incarnated there or ascended to. These are the dimensions which the New Age is talking about. Dimensions and realities of passivity. These ‘gods’ were convinced that their vision, even though that was not the vision of the Universe in which they live, was the only right vision. When the call/Logos of this Universe got out within the cosmic arena, they ignored this or were caught up into their own cosmic ego and therefor could not hear the call. These ‘gods’ wouldn’t or couldn’t go on with the path to compression, being a ‘god’ tasted to sweet and nice to just give up on that, in which we did give up all of our Universal knowledge and wisdom by compression and descending in the dimensions and density.  One was and still is looking at us full of abomination and envy and the path which we created for ourselves by compression. And one did and does everything to keep us from our final end goal. That has been happening since the creation of our MilkyWay and continues till this day. This group of ‘gods’ want to sabotage our process which we contracted with this Universe. A serieus form of this sabotage have been the billions of years lasting cosmic wars within the MilkyWay. As I have written before, all starsystems within the MilkyWay represent all galaxies within the cosmic arena, and the  differences between these starsystems are often immensely. Especially Orion, the masculine Universal energy, had to suffer in the all destroying cosmic wars. Different races coming from the starsystem Alpha Draconis (archetype: masculine warring combatants) went to Orion with the support of the renegade fraction of these ‘gods’ and started a cosmic war over there which we know as the film series ‘Star Wars’. Star Wars tells in great detail about this everlasting battle being played out in Orion. This renegade ‘gods’ gained ground within the MilkyWay and gradually one of these gods presented itself like the ruling force/energy of this empire. This energy we know from all religions here on Earth. This is the energy which is named god in the bible and other scriptures and religions. But I will come back on this in next article. For now, it is important to know that this energy/’god’ is full of envy, resentment and hatred. It is literally the biggest mind ego of the cosmic arena, that’s why there is all the envy against us and our process/path.

The time of these so called ‘Orion wars’ was also the time of the next step to compression. To descend even more in compression it was nescessary to compress the Universal energies within 1 solar system. Our Sun is the compressed version of the masculine Universal energy, which facilitates life here in our Solarsystem. Our motherplanet, mother Earth, is the compressed Universal feminine energy in the shape of a planet within our Solarsystem. Our Earth contains everything there is to find in life within the cosmic arena. It is hard to imagine, but the immensely offer of different lifeforms here on Earth reveals a lot in concern to that. Nowhere in this Universe you will find so many different forms of life and diversity than on Earth. The Earth is the literal micro cosmos of the macro cosmos. As above, so below. At this moment we are incarnated on a very unique planet. The only compression in the shape of a planet of the complete feminine Universal energy! Mother Earth is in other words the planetary whomb and we are her Universal embryos. As you could read in “Who are whe and where do we come from?” we all have a Universal seed inside of us. Our soul is integrated in the higher dimensions with this Universe. Our vessel within the cosmic arena, our traveling spirit, was too far away from our soul/essence, by the difference in density and in dimensions, do you remember? Mother Earth has all these dimensions as the only planet within the cosmic arena. All dimensions of this Universe are being facilitated by Mother Earth. And as you have read all of our deeper/higher aspects are still present in all these other dimensions. Our planet is the only one in her kind where we can integrate all of our aspects and experiences into a body. For people who want to know how we got here on Earth I will explain what is prior before our incarnation on Earth. Maybe this will help to understand/remember how we can get in touch with all of our deeper aspects and thus our essence.




Before our incarnation on a planet, in this case mother Earth, we projected (I’m talking multidimensional here) a compressed form of our essence in the MilkyWay. That aspect of our multidimensional self is present in the centre of the MilkyWay. That’s why we can remember who and what the MilkyWay is. The next step is that we projected a compressed version of that aspect in the Sun (the star of our Solarsystem). An aspect of our multidimensional self/our essence is present in the core of the Sun. This compressed aspect of our essence travels to the Sun through the arms/spiralform of the MilkyWay. And all of this works by the ‘law’ Lore of Attraction. From the Sun we project once again a compressed version of our essence to the Earth. That aspect of our multidimensional self is in the core/centre of the Earth. That’s why we have an intimate relation/connection with our mother planet Earth. This simpel fact that the Earth is a living being that represents the feminine Universal energy and facilitates everything we need, is a memory which makes you so much more powerful that you can’t describe it on paper. A compressed version of our essence is present in the heartcore of mother Earth. And it is the same compressed version of our essence what projected itself as you. We humans here on Earth are the compressed form of our complete essence pressed into a human body. A compressed version which also has the entire Universe in compressed form in it. This is what ‘one’ does not want you to remember. That knowledge gives you all the power and wisdom you need. This is also the big and most important reason of raping and molest the Universal feminine energy, something we have experienced in the extreme by all forms of religion in the past 6000 years here on Earth. Also before that period, but it became more and more extreme in the last cycles here on Earth. The veil around the feminine energy. We all know it too well within all sorts of religion. In fact the present manifestation of mother Earth as a planet is also a case of Universal feminine energy under a veil. In the core of the Earth is also a Star. The crust of the Earth is the veil around the feminine Universal energy. Our process is synchronously to the process of mother Earth. It is a symbiotic process. The Earth had started the process of transmutation. And we as humanity do the same. We are integrating all of our aspects and experiences in our body and by this way  becoming multidimensional and complete again. This also goes for mother Earth. That’s why I spoke about our Universal embryos. We will be born here on Earth as it were like Universal creators of light. We will graduate at the Universal university here on Earth. You will get it that ‘one’ rather does not want you to know/remember this knowledge from the inside before the examination. As said these ‘Forces of Limitation’ with the energy which calls itself god want to sabotage our process and also our creations. Therefrom the continuing control on the Earth and her humanity. Divide and conquer is one of the most important weapons in this sabotage. All propoganda, disinformation, deception and destraction is meant to keep us away from remembering who we are for real and what we are doing here on Earth. I will write about all this manipulation in the coming articles. It has to do with a complete cosmic deception. A brilliant thought and executed plan to stop humanity from graduating as a Universal creator.

You will understand that the complete story is much more and complex, each one of us has the knowledge stored in themselves  in all detail. No one can stop us, if we can remember who we truly are and what our connection is with this Universe, and learn to trust our inner knowing and ourselves.

Imagine that we remember ourself how unique and special our Earthly body is.. Our body is a compressed version of everything, everything this Universe has to offer. That’s why the different extraterrestrial races love our genetics so much and look at us in jalousy and envy. I don’t just claim that we have the complete Universe in our body. It can also be proved, only the science is not that far in these kind of findings/proof. Each cell in our body is/represents a galaxy within the cosmic arena, literally. And each atom within such a cell is/represents a starsystem within that galaxy. The Forces of Limitation know this. Our DNA , which   resides between these cells and atoms, works like a barrier to use  our body as a kind of stargate. If we remember how we can control our genetics without DNA (I don’t have this memory yet, that is work in progress) than we can literally teleport ourselves in a organic way to every starsystem within each galaxy. Does that sound crazy? It sounds less crazy these days if you hear and see where the TU (University of Technology)  in Delft (The Netherlands) is busy with these days. They are actively occupied with test sets where one teleports information and parts (internet for instant) from one location to the other, instant, without lack of time. One can not explain how this works technically, one only knows that it works and is actively busy with that. http://uncovermichigan.com/content/25789-study-dutch-researchers-proves-albert-einstein-wrong-under-certain-circumstances Scientists openly claim that Einstein was wrong in a lot of cases and that the Universe can not be captured in formulas and fixed booths.

I want to finish this article with a short explanation on the real operation of the Mayan calander. The Mayans knew a lot more of how this Universe operates and our path to compression than we thought. For a big part I follow Carl Calleman’s explanation. For short.. the Mayan calander has 9 cycles. And these 9 cycles all end at the same point and we are/were(?) in all these 9 cycles at the same time. The first cycle began 16,4 billion years ago. The second cycle began 820 million years ago. The third cycle began 41 million years ago. And so  each cycle was shorter. I resonate with this explanation of the Mayan calendar. But I don’t resonate with the explanation about the difference in energy and intention which Carl Calleman is talking about. I remember from inside myself that the Mayan calendar explains our way to compression. The first cycle is a galactic cycle within the MilkyWay. The second cycle is a cycle in Orion/Sirius (starsystems). And from the third cycle we are talking about planetairy cycles. This image is not totally clear to me, but this is about black and white how I see it. There is an overlap in the cycles, so I don’t say per se that we incarnated 41 million years ago for the first time in a human body on Earth. What I do say is that we humans are here on Earth for 10 millions of years. Civilisations that went lost, like the stories of Lemuria, Mu and/or Atlantis have to do with the cycles of this Maya calendar and thus our path to compression. Inherent to this is going from 12 strands of DNA to 2 active strands of DNA, in other words ‘devolution’ of the human body. I don’t write this from a victim role, but from the inner knowledge I have that we have chosen for this to descend further in dimension, frequency and density. To finally come to the end of all 9 cycles. Early civilisations on Earth lived in higher frequencies within 4D and 3D. That is why humans have memories of this civilisations and are longing back for this higher frequencies, what automatically means more harmony.

The old Mayan remembered parts of this Universal wisdom. It is not for nothing that the Vatican has destroyed or safely stored almost all of that old wisdom. We may not know that we are busy with something very unique here on Earth. We may not know who we truly are from inside. One does not want you to know that you are one of the most old and experienced souls within the immensely cosmic arena and you are not only here on Earth for yourself, but you are also a wayshower for complete galaxies and starsystems. One does not want you to know that when someone who remembers his or her true self, complete galaxies are being influenced by that knowing. The way to compression also means that we all have aspects of our selves as complete galaxies, starsystems and planets, which we represent here on Earth in compressed form. When someone remembers this all, it will automatically influence all the other aspects in the form of complete galaxies for example. We are namely the micro cosmos of the macro cosmos here on Earth. Everything that happens on Earth has a direct influence on that in the macrocosmos what is directly connected to the microcosmos here on Earth. A brainwashed and under control being human on Earth has the consequence that the galaxy and starsystems that this human is also in multidimensional form, are also under the control of the group on which I will write in the next articles. This group, with the energy on the top which calls itself god, has an empire that is so incredibly huge, that it can not be explained in words. If you assume that there are at least 6 billion people who completely forgot who they are and go through life being completely brainwashed, than this automatically means that there are 6 billion galaxies within the cosmic arena under the control of this controling jalous energy. Thanks to people like you that have not stopped reading, the power of this mighty empire is falling to pieces more and more each day. With every human who remembers who he/she truly is and what they are really doing here, this energy and the ‘gods’ which serve under this energy will lose huge to power. That’s why ‘one’ will do everything, really everything to keep us away from this inner knowledge. In my next article I will describe extensively on how this cosmic energy works and how this cosmic energy wants to deceive us all and wants to stop us from graduating at the Universal university here on Earth.




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