The connection between Saturn, chakras and pineal gland

This article is a translation from an article written by Micky of the Dutch website Indigo Revolution 

What is the role of Saturn in our daily lives? Why do all religions and secret societies worship Saturn? And what do the chakras and the pineal gland have to do with Saturn and the Matrix? In this article I will continue my explanation about the ‘Forces of Limitation’ & the Cosmic Deception (see link).  To understand the how and why of the manipulation of our chakras and pineal gland it is important that you first read the previous linked article. The complete series of articles you can find here.

In my previous articles I explained that we humans here on Earth are busy with a very unique project/process. We wanted to experience everything what this Universe has to offer us and a logical outcome of that was that we went on the road/path to compression. We humans are a compressed form of our true soul essence, in a body which contains the entire Universe in compressed form. Our Earth and our Sun are the compressed versions of the masculine and feminine Universal energies. I also told about the group of ‘gods’ who wants to keep us from our end goal here on Earth with all sorts of tools. Our end goal is to become our complete multidimensional self again. We are dealing with an intergalactic and interdimensional cabal, which I call the ‘Forces of Limitation’. This cosmic empire, which has a synthetic universe within the organic Universe, is controled by the energy that we often refer to as ‘god’ here on Earth. This ‘godly’ energy is on top of an empire which excists out of millions of extraterrestrial races and countless amounts of interdimensional beings. This ‘god’ wants to sabotage/oppose us in several ways. As seen from a deeper aspect of our multidimensional self we have given permission to this ‘god’ to do that. This ‘god’ is closer than many people think. What if I say that the planet which we know as Saturn is this ‘god’ energy in compressed form? That must sound just as crazy as my earlier statements that the Earth and the Sun are compressed versions of the entire Universe. All life and all experiences we have had within the cosmic arena are present within this Solar system in compressed form. As also this energy which calls itself god.

Saturn is androgynous. Now we are still dealing with the male version of the Saturn energy. I’m talking about the synthetic masculine characteristics like domination, control, authority and limitation. Slowely but surely the female synthetic side of Saturn is coming forward, but that is something to write about in another article. Nowadays and the past thousands of years we have dealt with the masculine side and also the energy which calls itself god.

Saturn is very jealous just like this ‘godly’ energy and is full of revenge and hatred when it comes to our path to compression we took in co-creation with this Universe. Saturn wants all of our attention and wants to cut us off from our organic connection with the Sun and the Earth (we all have a Universal seed that was placed within us at the time when we first entered and merged with the Universal Consiousness.. The Sun being a fractal of Universal Light is the same energy as that seed).  That’s why you come across stories in many religions and scriptures that Saturn was first the Sun of our Solar system, and that our Sun was an imposter that ‘suddenly’ became our Sun after a crash between solarsystems. One wants you to believe this story. Actually the truth is the total opposite, and each one of us remembers this truth inside of his or her heart. Saturn symbolism is present all over our planet. For example in company logos, religions, secret societies and in science. That is not without a reason. The Saturn cult here on Earth know who their master or ‘god’ is.

Saturn is the keeper and the creator of the Matrix. Actually I  better say Matrix systems, because it involves a lot more than just the Earthly Matrix. All this Matrix systems are closely connected, but I often make a distinction between the Earthly Matrix and the Cosmic Matrix. The Earthly Matrix is being controlled from the Moon (I will translate the article about the Moon Matrix in another article). The Matrix, the one that the alternative media often talks about, is this Moon-Matrix. This Matrix is responsible for the scientific, current business, militairy industrial complex mind control program. Each time, through this Matrix, we get our image confirmed (synthetic program) of our physical reality here on Earth, which is deliberately created by culture formation (education, media, science, religion, and so on). This Matrix operates mainly through the mind. But how do the signals which are sent from the Moon enter our brains? And how come that we all have individual programming during our lives? And what role do the chakras and Saturn have in this?

Saturn is and does a whole lot more than just being a planet in our Solarsystem.Saturn has seven synthetic rings. This rings are made by archons and a few extraterrestrial races that work under the flag of this ‘god’ energy. Norman Bergrun has written a very good informative book about the synthetic rings of Saturn. Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot interviewed him concerning these synthetic rings of Saturn. Each one of the seven rings controls each one of the chakras. We have 7 well known chakras (in total 12 chakras). Which not accidentally represent the most important colors of the light spectrum and the musical scale, and that is also not by accident. A chakra is an energy vortex. And the chakra body is an energetic lay over, around our body.  Chakras are not physically in our body. They are  connected to our body through an interface, more on that later. Chakras keep us entrapped in a kind of energetic cocoon, and chakras give us a synthetic fragmented form of conciousness. Chakras are the most important interface for the energy which calls itself ‘god’ and it’s matrix systems to control us humans. This ‘godly’ energy wants to create us in it’s image, as it were, through the chakras.  The lower chakras are for desire, competiton, lust and greed. These all have to do with the Moon-Matrix. These negative energies make sure that humanity longs for positive energies. These energies which are being projected through the lower chakras causes anxious thoughts and emotions. This all leads to frustration, depression, loneliness, victomhood thinking, helplessness, envy and a lot of pain. As I have written in my previous article we are dealing with a cosmic version of the ancient problem, reaction, solution trick. This principal you will find back everywhere. Also with the synthetic manipulation trap what we call the Matrix. Due to all the negative energies, which are lasting for some 300 thousand years untill today and still growing, people are fleeing to all sorts of religion and (mind) ‘enlightment’. And that’s where the higher chakras are involved as also the pineal gland.

Saturn represents the synthetic false light side of this duality game of this ‘godly’energy. That’s the reason that Saturn is allround represented within every form of religion, the New Age included. Especially the New Age is a religion which is totally dominated by this ‘godly’energy and it’s planet Saturn. All within the New Age is focused on the ultra positive. Conditional love, oneness.. all is one.. come to the bee hive realities of this ‘god’ energy and become  uniform/a bee which gives his of her power away to the queen.. That’s how I see it. An antfarm is also a good example/comparison.  All the same (collective hive mind) and serving under one energy. But a very positive energy, an energy which gives you cosmic drugs and makes you feel real good. Blissed out! One euphoric moment after the other. And one is getting addicted to the false light. Conditional love is luring people into this synthetic state of reality. I call this passive agression.Through this light and love mind and soul control one enters the cosmic Matrix. Much more free than the Earthly Matrix, but still a (mind) Matrix. A Matrix has the goal to distract you, to control you, to manipulate you and by that keeping you away from who you really are from within yourself. You might feel a kind of good in a synthetic way, but you forget the path you were on and being kept busy with all sorts of rituals which will energetically feed this ‘god’ energy even more.

So the chakras are being used to manipulate us. “Is there any physical evidence of this manipulation?”, many will ask themselves. The prove of this  chakra manipulation is in our brain. Actually in our entire body, but in our brain resides the most important gland of the endocrine system, which is the pineal gland. The endocrine system, or hormone system, is directly connected to the chakras. The endocrine system produces hormones and runs this into our blood. Hormones influences our mood. This is either physical, as also mentally and emotionally through our body and state of being. The pineal gland is the spill in the web of the endocrine system. The pineal gland (as the interface) converts the signals of the endocrine system to the nervous system and vice versa. The pineal gland is the dictator of this system if you explain it in a biological manner. The pineal gland does a lot more than that.

The pineal gland works like a kind of tuner, you can compare it with a tv-tuner, which converts the signals it receives via ether or in another way to tv channels. That’s the way the pineal gland works. A tv-tuner receives a complete bandwith or ether full of signals and selects the correct channel for us to watch. The pineal gland receives all sorts of signals via the chakras, sent from Saturn and/or the Moon, and converts the signals into a personal program for the individual. The signal which the tv-tuner receives often comes from the radio tower or substation which redirects that signal (being transmitted from the original source). The pineal gland does the same. The original signal of this ‘god’ energy is being transmitted through Saturn and/or the Moon and enters through the chakras into the pineal gland. The pineal gland gives us the programming we need and selects and facilitates a certain reality for us which we than think we experience.

Many religions claim that the pineal gland is “The seat of the soul”. Let me be the spoilsport by saying that this is a huge lie! The seat of the soul, the compressed soul essence is inside our heart, not in our head/brain/mind. I know that a lot of mind-egos are being triggered by my statement above about the pineal gland. The pineal gland is declared holy within the New Age. That same New Age often kicks the old religions, a logical  reaction from a mind-ego which feels like being fooled by the old religions. I have been searching the internet for a few pictures which show that the pineal gland is symbolically present in all religions on Earth. Also in rituals. And the chakras. The chakras in Christianity are called “The Seven Seals’. Same principal, other propagandastory and somewhat other rituals. Below (as seen from left to right) pictures of the pineal gland (pine cone) symbolism in the garden of the Vatican, within the Vatican, on the staff of Osiris from the Egyptian mythology, the pine come towers of Anchor What, as a knot on the head of Buddha, as a hairnet of Shiva, in an image of the Greek mythology and last but not least: outside of a random freemasonary lodge..


If you search the internet you will come across this pineal gland symbolism in each form of religion. Also within freemasonary. The third eye is also a symbol of the pineal gland. The pineal gland tunes in our conciousness to a certain reality. That’s being explained as the third eye. With the third eye people see things that other people can’t see. All realities that are being projected through the pineal gland. Also the third eye is in our mind. There are a lot of explanations about the all seeing eye within freemasonary. Several explanations can be true. I gladly add the next explanation: can the eye in the triangle be a reference to the third eye and thus the pineal gland?

The pineal gland is literally a kind of programming believe system projector. For each religion and each mindset another program what people believe and thus experience. It works fantastically brilliant I must say. Divide and conquer. Another believe system for everyone. For everyone another ‘god’ and then you let the people play off against eachother by making them believe that their ‘god’ is better than the other ‘god’. While that ‘god’ in all religions represents the same ‘godly’ energy. A ‘godly’ energy that wants nothing more than sabotage our pathway to compression/the way to ourselves.  It wants to distract us and keep us from ourself and will do anything to continue this. New programmings are being developped and sent out. The last few years I’ve seen some though ones being passed on. All created by this ‘god’ energy and send via Saturn and/or the Moon, straight into our chakras, picked up by the tuner in our minds (the pineal gland) and loaded directly into our body and mind as a physical reality. Newer programming like non-duality and the flat earth bullshit are examples of these kind of programming for the individual. For everything there is a program made just for you. If you are not aware of the manipulation via the chakras, than you really feel like your programming is the one and only truth.

Everything I describe in this article is not meant as a fear mongering story. It is meant to make you aware of the level of cosmic manipulation and deception. We can easily go without our chakras and without the interference of the pineal gland. We don’t need all the mind and soul control any longer. We can live and experience our true essence via our heart. When you are not aware of the manipulation, it can influence you. Now that you are aware of the manipulative working of the chakras and the pineal gland you will notice that you can not be influenced that easily by this ‘god’ energy.

The cosmic deception and manipulation goes a lot further than Saturn, the chakras, the mind and the pineal gland. In the next article I will continue important subjects like the kundalini and other traps of the cosmic Matrix.

 I (Mirjam) want to add something about the chakras, this (text) info comes from George Kavassilas.. The seven most commonly known chakras are aligned with certain parts of the Human anatomy and physiology. Five other main ones which are less commonly spoken of make a total of 12 major chakras; each 12 also aligning to a replicated strand of DNA. Yes, that means we originally had 12 strands of DNA. In the bible the seven commonly known chakras are referred to as ‘The Seven Seals’. Each one also correlates with the seven main colours of the light spectrum and the musical scale. See picture below which shows the 12 chakras:

12 CHAKRAS (no TM)


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