An Interview with Simon Parkes on Project Camelot (sharing info about the coming changes and disclosure this coming spring).

I share a link (below) to a very interesting interview with Simon Parkes and Kerry Cassidy (Project Camelot). Simon gets his information from an off planet alien race and also from Earthly sources. A lot of his info he shared in the past has come out.

In this interview he says there will be an economic collapse and the EU will fall apart. Disclosure will happen and an agency (funded by the government) will bring this out. And a lot more about Trump, the elite and the Nordic race/AI connection. Much info will be shared to the public about the deceipt and manipulation and control of humanity for thousands of years. This spring will be the change for a lot of people on Earth. For me it feels like a preparation for the next level (2) of AI imposition here on Earth.. See this article with information in English shared by George Kavassilas


Listen with your own discernment..



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