The Forces of Limitation & The Cosmic Deception

This article is a translation of the article written by Micky from the Dutch website Indigo Revolution

In the first article I told extensively who we humans truly are on Earth and where we come from. In the second article I told about about the way to compression which we humans took and brought us to Earth, and I lifted a little corner of the veil about how and why of all this deception, control and counteraction which we experience on Earth. Before you continue to read, it is important to read these two mentioned articles, what I’m going to tell in this article is closely linked to these two articles. What I’m going to share in this article is not meant to scare you. Also that what I’m going to describe is not meant to be given more power then they already have. All I write about in these articles is meant as tools for self empowerment. Humanity has a collective  Calimero complex, as in “They are big and I am small, and that’s not fair!!” With the information in these articles I want you to remember it is possible to really change the World, simply by being our true authentic self again.

We as humanity here on Earth are busy with a unique never seen before process in this Universe. We went on the road of compression to finally graduate here on Earth at the Universal university. We have experienced and done all what can be experienced within this Universe and now it’s time to integrate all these experiences and all of our aspects with our essence. I call this ‘completion’ and/or becoming our multidimensional self again. As I described in the previous article many of us here on Earth are ‘ancients’, the oldest and most experienced souls within the cosmic arena. We were the firsts that went on the way/path/road to compression. A path which the grand majority of all souls who live inside the cosmic arena did not have the courage to take yet. Not everyone came into this Universe at the same time. There is also a large group within the cosmic arena who joined in since the beginning. They are also ‘ancients’ and they worked, just as we do, in co-creation with the living being which this Universe is. In the early period of the cosmic arena this group did this, just like we did, in harmony with life and the organic way of the Universe. We live in a Universe of light and the kind of language (for lack of a better word) of this Universe we call Logos. Logos works among other things by sound and vibration, and can be heard by the ones who work and live in harmony with this Universe. The group who I’m going to mention in this article could not hear the call/logos of the Universe, or did not want to hear this, because they were too far from the organic way of co-creation. This group believed too much in themselves. Why else do you call yourself ‘gods’? I write ‘gods’ often between quotation marks because there is no such thing as a god or gods that are better, higher, mightier or whatever than anyone else. We are all multidimensional beings who have projected an aspect of themselves in this Universe. Outside of this Universe we have/are also a Universe. So we are all equal. This group of ‘gods’ did not hear the call that The Universe send out, concerning the way/path to compression which would be created and followed. And that is what ‘one’ is bothering till today. To use an euphemism for this…

This group of ‘gods’ created, just like many of us have done, complete realities with everything in it. In the beginning they did this in harmony (co-creation) with this Universe and thus with life. This means that everything in such a reality are set up in feeding of the soul by experience. And with experience I mean all characteristics of light. To name a few for example duality, fragmentation and polarisation. Duality is an important characteristic that we wanted to experience by descending to the lower dimensions. Many seem to be forgotten this and want to chose one side of duality and rather ignore the other side, more on this later. Duality in organic (co-creation) form is totally different from duality in synthetic form. I will put myself as an example. Four years ago I was involved with a rare disease and it made me visually impaired. Medical science can not say how this is possible, all my genetics work just fine. I know I have chosen for this experience from a deeper aspect of myself. It is a negative experience. A negative experience from which I learn a lot and which brings me a lot of positive things. That is an organic dualistic experience. Within the organic Universe we need challenges to learn from and grow. You see, as it were, the rising of a high mountain in front of you, and you know: “I have to climb over this mountain!” and you know from inside that you will climb over this mountain. That’s how I see (for short) the experiences within the organic realities of this Universe. Everything in the organic Universe marks the growth of the soul/your essence. What the group of ‘gods’ created is the total opposite of that.

Don’t forget that within the cosmic arena (4D up to 1D) we always have a mind, in whatever shape or form. Extraterrestrials, angels, ‘gods’ and others who like to interfere with us here on Earth, want to make us believe that we on Earth are the only lifeforms in the cosmos who suffer from a mind-ego. The truth couldn’t be more of the opposite. To give a simple but effective example: Why does a ‘god’ who claims to be the creator of everything and everyone wants to be honoured and worshipped so badly? Why does a ‘god’ like that want us to kneel down and give all of our power and energy to this ‘god’? The answer: Because this ‘god’ has the biggest mind-ego of the cosmic arena. What else then a mind-ego will ask these things of it’s creatures? The group of ‘gods’ which I’m talking about in this article started to create realities in which they began feeding themselves, directly or indirectly, with the energy of the beings within these realities. They wanted to be worshipped. If not willingly, than unwillingly. They changed the realities which they created in co-creation with this Universe and which were characterised by experiencing and the organic life. They changed these realities into realities in which they got the leading role instead of the life within these realities. Everything in these realities is characterised by being submissive to these ‘gods’, the life in these realities is feeding them instead of life fed itself in these realities. I call this kind of realities the synthetic universe. I will come back to this extensively in following articles. There where we went on the road to compression and assisted to create the galactic whomb (the Milkyway galaxy), these ‘gods’ stayed behind there in their own ‘divine’ realities.

When the Milkyway was created and all life seemed to be present within the cosmic arena in compressed form  within the Milkyway, this group of ‘gods’ became angry. They felt ignored. They were jealous. They considered themselves greater and mightier than anyone else, and still they saw a lot of beings within the Milkyway that did hear the logos of the Universe. Jealousy turned into sheer resentment and one decided to sabotage the project Milkyway. One race after another within the Milkyway was being manipulated and/or  became a working member under the flag of this group of ‘gods’. The Draconians which resides in the starsystem Alpha Draconis are the most well known en powerful example of this. Especially the starsystem Orion had to suffer. Orion is, as I described in the previous article, the masculine universal energy/half in compressed form. This organic masculine energy had to be destroyed, just like the feminine universal energy which is the Milkyway. The Orion wars that followed were the most horrific wars ever with the use of technological weapons on wich many satanist here on Earth would be jealous. During these wars, the next step to compression was taken by many of us. A few races brought their hands together and one started the creation of our Solarsystem. The ship which was also used to create life in this Solarsystem is what we know these days as ‘our’ moon. This moon used to be a shiny middele point of life and was a Pleiadian starship *. Our Solarsystem is not just placed at the outer edges of the Milkyway, far away form the hectic centre, where these galactic wars were being played out in full force back in those days. This was done on purpose, so that the group of ‘gods’, which were grown out to a real empire of billions of races, would not come directly to ‘sabotage’the whole thing. In this manner the organic process/life in our Solarsystem could go on undisturbed for some millions of years.

*Micky has written about the moon in a separate article. I will explain shortly about what happened to this Pleiadian starship which we now know as the moon. The Forces of Limitation (the group of ‘gods’) captured this ship during a battle.  Actually this Pleiadian ship was a female being, a soul, she was one of the 7 sisters of the Pleiadians. She withdraw the lifeforce out of the ship/planetary body and took it back with her to the Pleiadians. The Forces of Limitation brought the planetary body into an orbit around Mars and took out all the crystals and lifeforce which were in the body. Now it was a dead body and they hollowed it out, transformed it into a sattelite and put silica (which is also present in our computers and body/bones) all over the surface of the dead planetairy body, which is now ‘our’ moon in the sky.  After this, they put the moon in Earth’s orbit and this created the well know flood. The moon is now used as a sattelite from which they can control the minds of the humans here on Earth (mind Matrix) and the silica is being used as an energetic communication form to manipulate us here on Earth through our mind and body.

I feel it’s important to explain shortly that all of what I write does not come from a state of victomhood.Yes, from a 3D perspective it looks like these ‘Forces of Limitation’ without invitation want to destroy us, control us, want to suck away our energy and want to sabotage/destroy all of our creations. But, we have invited them in a way to do this all to us and our creations. That sounds schizofrenic and it is like that when you see the meaning of  being multidimensional in that way. Don’t forget that all of what I describe here is being played out in the cosmic arena. This cosmic arena does not go furhter than 4D. Above 4D we are not eachothers enemies or gods or devils. As seen from these aspects of ours in and above the fifth dimension we play a kind of immensly complex roleplay for and with eachother within the cosmic arena. Without resistance and counteraction from these ‘Forces of Limitation’ we could not experience all of what we wanted to experience. Everything what happens within the Milkyway and thus also in our Solarsystem may happen with permission of this Universe. Otherwise it would not be present within the Milkyway. I understand that this statement might be a lot to take in right now. It was for me when I remembered this. Our mind wants to play the victim. Our mind wants to blame someone else for what is happening to us. I can  tell you now that nothing just happens to us. We have chosen (as our deeper aspects.. but not this 3D aspect) for all of our experiences within the galactic arena and thus also here on Earth. I know I trigger a lot of mind-egos with these statements. I could not leave it behind, it is part of the complete story and has everything to do with taking back our power and take responsibility for all of our own creations and all our aspects. If we want to graduate, if we really want to become multidimensional as in all dimensions of this Universe, we have to face the simple fact that everything that is happening to us or what we experience is created by ourselves. I usualy write from my 3D aspect, who is experiencing this on Earth.

What once started as a group of ‘gods’, became a real intergalactic cabal of mega proportions throughout the countless sextilllion years. A ‘god’, the one with the biggest cosmic mind-ego and the most powerful, rose up as the god that was standing above all the other ‘gods’.  We all know this ‘god’ from the bible, the quran and all other religions that are being rolled out on Earth by these ‘Forces of Limitation’ together with their puppets on earth which we call the Saturn cult. And this ‘god’/energy has a lot of different names and descriptions. Allah, Jahweh, Buddha, Shiva, Cronos, Zeus, just to name a few. But also the phenomenon what the New Age calls ‘Source’ is the name for this ‘god’energy. We don’t come from a source. We are infinite beings with no beginning or end. Here in the West we are used to terms like archons. These archons are also part of the intergalactic and interdimensional cabal which I call the ‘Forces of Limitation’. Because limitation is one of the most important weapons of this cabal. One works according to mind-ego use through strict hierarchy. You have the energy which calls itself god on top of the pyramid. There under the other ‘gods’ which I wrote about in this and previous article. The archons work under these ‘gods’. These intergalactic and interdimensional cabal have incorporated/lured a countless amount of races into their domains.

I will give another statement of which I know it can trigger mind-egos. All extraterrestrial races, all ascended masters in male and female form, all gods, all angels, all guides, in other words all that is contacting us and/or is not telling us that we are on the road of compression and we are infinite beings, are under control/influence of this intergalactic cabal. Aren’t there any extraterrestrials who mean well with us? Yes there are, the vast majority of all life in the cosmos. These races know what we are doing here on Earth. By that I mean the true reason why we are here on Earth. They know that we represent them here on Earth. That we are literally wayshowers for complete galaxies and civilisations. And because they know this, they let us be. We are the caterpillars transforming into butterflies. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Nothing or no-one outside of ourselves is going to ‘save’ us, because there is nothing to be saved for that matter. They will only intervene if the intergalactic cabal wants to do things that do not resonate with the path which we take with our mother planet. But besides that, these races and beings of the organic (co-creation) Universe will let us be. I can say with certainty that these races, which the alternative media is talking about, if they are in contact with the USA, Russia, David Wilcock, Billy Meier or Salusa and the Ashtar Command, are under influence and control of these ‘Forces of Limitation’. I don’t write this to frighten you, but to empower you. Because indeed there is so much energy and extreme attention which this cabal puts into the sabotage of our project here on Earth.

When I’m talking about the Forces of Limitation & The Cosmic Deception, than I’m talking about something that is immeasurable big and immensly complex. And it is also something that is super brilliant. I always say, credit where credit is due. We are dealing with a physical/visible section and a spiritual/invisible section. The physical section leads from the Earth to the Moon, than to Mars and then to Orion, which is still the base of operations of these Forces of Limitation. The spiritual section leads through Saturn. Saturn will be the mainly topic in the next article. The ‘Saturn Cult’ (the power) here on Earth are the puppets for these intergalactic and interdimensional cabal. They worship and honour this Saturn Cult in several ways. As in religion, as in symbolism as also in rituals. Physically in the shape of extraterrestrial races, and spiritualy in the form of pocession by interdimensional beings. Also people within the New Age are often pocessed, but than by the other side of the spectrum of duality. Both sides are the same when it concerns to give your power away to these Forces of Limitation. And both sides are serving a grander plan/purpose.


(Saturn symbolism in picture above)

Everyone is well known with the principle problem, reaction, solution. As above so below. Maybe you thought that this principle is only used by the power behind the power on Earth. Oh well, they are good at it. But they have learned this from the best. From their male and female masters. And these Forces of Limitation use this Saturn cult just for their own profit. Like it should be in a by mind ego managed intergalatic cabal. These Forces of Limitation are doing everything they can, really everything to sabotage our project and our pathway to our goal here on Earth. They do this, as seen from their perspective, for several reasons. The first reason was the resentment, envy and jealousy against the path we took to compression. Another reason is probably even more important to them. And this has to do with the solution for the problem here on Earth which the Saturn cult caused. We humans have all the genetic material what is availabe in this Universe, it is all in compressed form in our body.  With that, we have a treasure full of genetics and also energy in ourselves. This Forces of Limitation have never seen that before, let alone that they could abundantly and easily pocess this as they do now. You can hardly imagine how much energy is being tapped/sucked off from all the humans who give their power away to these Forces of Limitation en their ‘gods’. Each time kneeling and praying to Mecca, each time saying things like “thank god”, every prayer in church, every ritual within the New Age and so on.. all that energy flows right to this energy which calls itself god and it’s ‘godly’ friends. Also fear is an energy which they feed themselves with. Why do you think that there has not yet been a devastating war here on Earth? And do you know why the Georgia Guidestones talk rubbish and are meant to pronounce more fear to people? The answer is that these ‘gods’ will not destroy their ‘herd’. Every human which gives away their power to this cabal is a real human resource. We are their herd, a herd who gives them everything in energy and genetics in what they want to have. They won’t just give up on that. One will not attack us with violence or let us be destroyed. They have been there and done that in the past. With active agression you won’t acchieve a lot. Passive agression is the key to keep an entire civilisation enslaved.

In the countless sextilllion years of evolution that these Forces of Limitation have lived through within the cosmic arena, one slowely but surely found out that active agression will eventually overschoot the target. We have also seen this here on Earth. For instance, it is not for nothing that the USA is seen as the big satan these days by the rest of the world. Active agression ensures that the people you want to control will turn against you. That is what the Forces of Limitation learned from in al these years. Passive agression is the solution. Let the people think they get more freedom, let them be in the illusion that they are soevereign, but in the meantime you still control them through mind control and the chakras and/or the pinealgland. In other words: you make sure that the herd won’t find out who they truly are as multidimensional infinite beings. You make up all sorts of programs to keep them from that truth. You manipulate them. You mislead them and distract them. And not unimportant, you give them cosmic drugs for example. Cosmic what?! Cosmic drugs, being shot in your chakras, mind and pinealgland. You make the people think that they are enlightened, in other words you push them to one side of duality. The positive love and light side. For that religion and also the New Age is invented. It hypnotises people and forces them to chose one side of the dualitymedal. It is logical that people chose this path, when I just ‘awoke’ and heard all the doomsday stories, I also chose the positive/light side of the spectrum. It is logical, because it is accurately orchestrated by these Forces of Limitation.


These Forces of Limitation are busy with their predetermined plan with mother Earth and her humanity  for about 300 thousand years. The last 6000 years the pressure was increased. The people had to descend to the ‘Dark Ages’. The average life  expectancy was about 25 years. Murder, wars, slaughter, rape, stakes, bloodshed, deadly diseases and worse. We had to experience the darkest of the dark. And the dark section of the Forces of Limitation are still working to make it as dark as possible. War after war, created shortage and poverty, suppression, you name it, all meant to make us desperate. And to make us long for the light. For harmony, for love.. Love is being used against us. Everybody is talking about love. But do we know what real love is, organic love and thus unconditional love?  Many of us were led to believe the desinformation version of love  and live it. The version being preached within all religions, also in the New Age. It is a conditional synthetic form of love. Every new ager who says that the love they preach are also organic and thus unconditional, I invite them to reconsider that idea after reading my next article about the chakras. The problem was and is the active agression, made possible by the Saturn cult and organisations and groups without empathy that fall under this cult. That way of control does not work anymore for more and more people, hence all the revolutions and demonstrations and everything that has to do with that. The reaction to that problem is “Help us, we are tired of the dark!!” The logic solution to the problem is being presented by the ones that cause that same problem, as it always goes with problem, reaction, solution tricks. The goal is to lure many people as possible to the love and light side of duality. You give them a little more freedom and you make them feel good. Blissed out. One mostly does not want to see the dark anymore once they arrived on that other side of duality. Burying one’s head in the sand and ignoring the other side is mostly the motto of the new age light and love side of the spectrum. That is passive agression in a nutshell. The goal of passive agression is to allure as many  people as possible away from the Earth and/or distract/keep away from the truth about their true unique multidimensional Infinite self who is here on Earth with a reason at this moment.

A great weapon are the earlier mentioned chakras. These chakras are together with the pinealgland, the mind and the kundalini the important tools to keep humans from remembering who they truly are deep inside. The chakras are directly in connection with Saturn. That is the teaser I will leave you with for now. The next article will be totally devoted to this chakra manipulation by the Forces of Limitation.