George Kavassilas over de AI agenda

Hieronder plaats ik een gesprek met George Kavassilas en Zany Mystic. George legt uit hoe de impositie van AI momenteel onze levens beinvloed en hoe de volgende level van impositie binnenkort (via 5G) zijn intrede doet hier op Aarde. Dit alles om de mensheid van moeder Aarde te scheiden en tevens af te leiden van wie wij in essentie zijn als ziel. Op het einde van het gesprek spreekt George over Donald Trump en hoe deze via een militaire coupe president is geworden van Amerika. Dit is tevens gelinkt aan de volgende laag (level 2) van impositie (zie onderstaand schema):


Met dank aan Indigo Revolution voor het plaatsen van dit gesprek.


The truth about the Moon

This is a translation of the article written by Micky from the Dutch website Indigo Revolution 

You probably did not really think about the Moon. That’s no shame. The majority never thought about the Moon. During each solar eclipse the majority is watching this phenomenon through special eclipse glasses so they can watch the Moon eclipse the Sun for a few moments. The Moon is able to eclipse the Sun completely because the circumference of the Moon, as seen from Earth, is just as large as the Sun. The Moon fits perfectly in the circumference of the Sun. Therefore the Sun gets eclipsed every few years. If the Moon would have been a tiny bit smaller in circumference, or the Sun would have been a tiny bit larger in circumference, than you never could have seen a solar eclipse from Earth. Bizarre?  Not for many. That given fascinates me a lot. Because how big is the chance that the Moon accidentally fits in precisely in the circumference of the Sun? Lets start from the beginning. How is the Moon created? I honestly did not remember  the ‘scientifical’ explanation about the creation of the Moon. Because I usually don’ t memorize bullshit. The creation of the Moon was about 4 billion years ago according to the science, just after the formation of the Solarsystem. Planets didn’t seem to have orbits in that time period and apparently were flying in all directions for some reason. One of that ‘flying in all directions’ planets hit the Earth 4 billion years ago. The debris of this planet came down on Earth, the remaining debris formed a huge cloud of dust. De dust particals in this huge cloud began to clot together. And that’s how the Moon was created after a period of time. That is the scientifical story. If that were not already a bizarre situation of ‘coincidences’, you better brace yourself for the rest of ‘coincidences’ which the science love so much.


After the clotting together of the dust, the Moon came into the orbit of the Earth by accident. Coincidentally we see just ONE side of the Moon, always. We never see the ‘Dark Side’ of the Moon. The rotation of the Moon is coincidentally in that way that we only see that one side of the Moon which we all can see at night. What a coincidence that the orbit around the Earth was chosen by the clotted dust cloud of planetary particals. Because by coincidence the Moon fits perfectly in the circumference of the Sun. There are millions of kilometers between the Earth and the Sun, each other random spot for the Moon would have resulted in no chance of a solar eclipse. How coincidentally is all of this? For years now I don’t believe in coincidences. When it comes to the Moon, there is no coincidence at all if you ask me.

There are more remarkable things when it concerns the Moon. Because why may we only see one side of the Moon? How come the surface of the Moon is full of silica so the Moon shines a kind of light? Is it accidentally that the menstrual cycle of women on Earth is equal to the cycle of the Moon? Isn’t it more logical that this cycle would be tuned into the cycle of the Sun? And what is going on with high and low tide, what is the use of that? I can think of a lot more questions, but it is better to tell my truth about the Moon now. Ofcourse the Moon is not created by coincidence and accident and all the scientifical bla bla. The Moon is so much more than just a coincidence…

There was a time when the Moon was not rotating around the Earth. That is not so long ago, when you compare this with the 4 billion years, the lie which the science tells us. About 15 thousand years ago the Moon did not rotate the Earth. In Genesis this fact is named and lots of other old scriptures tell the same story, there was a time before the Moon and a time after the Moon. The Moon was brought into the orbit of the Earth in times of the great flood. The Moon is an artificial satellite and is hollow from the inside. The Moon was once a Pleiadian organic starship. The Moon had a soul. The energy of the Moon was a sister energy of Earths energy. The Earth is the Universal feminine energy compressed as a planet. And the Moon was a kind of sisterenergy of the Earth and came from the Pleiadians. The Moon was used to seed life. And the Moon had her own ecosystem. The Moon had rivers, lakes and all sorts of nature you can think of. The Moon was being used to create life on planets. The Moon was magically beautiful and unique.  A lot of us still have these memories. That’s why we feel a lot of love for the Moon in a way, but on the other hand it hurts to see ‘her’ like this. ‘Her’ is no longer there, the soul of the Moon has been gone for thousands of years.

The Moon was being used in different phases to create life here on Earth. During her last mission she was discovered by a group of Draconians. These Draconians, originated from the starsystem Alpha Draconis, work for the energy which calls itself god. They are part of what I call ‘the Forces of Limitation’. By order of this ‘god’ energy they started a war in our Solarsystem to capture the Moon. The Moon was something they should capture. Because in regard of a cosmic conquer you want to know as much as possible about your target. That target was and is the Earth and her humanity. And because the Moon was indisputably connected to our planet and us and had all the information about all life here on Earth (genetic codes), the Moon was very important to the Forces of Limitation. So the Draconian and other races and groups that work under this ‘god’ started a war in our Solar system.

During this war, which many of us can remember from inside ourselves, the Moon was eventually conquered including all her treasures of information. During this heavy battle our Solar system was heavily damaged. In that battle an entire planet that was between Mars and Jupiter was destroyed. In the place where the asteroid belt is. The planet was a water planet. And this planet was a representative of the Universal masculine energy. By the explosion of this planet, Mars became irreparable damaged.  Mars also had life, flora and fauna before the catastrophe. The lifeforce of the Moon was reducing more and more and also the eco system of the Moon and it all died. (The soul of the Moon took  her lifeforce back with her to the Pleiadians and the Forces of Limitation took out the rest of the lifeforce by taking out the crystals which were inside of the Moon/body). Then the Moon was brought into an orbit around Mars and there it was converted as an artificial satellite with all sorts of technical gadgets, more on that later. About 14 thousand years ago the Moon was brought into an orbit around the Earth with utmost precision, because there is no coincidence involved here! The Moon has a huge impact on the high and low tides. Imagine what the kind of impact it has on the water by bringing the Moon into the orbit of the Earth.. indeed, this caused the great flood that is mentioned in the bible and it caused the death of almost the entire humanity and civilisation included. Those who survived stayed in caves and other shelters for hundreds of years. The knowledge was gone for the most part. And one had to start all over again with bricks and sticks.


As a cosmic conquer you study extensively that what you want to conquer. You find out that the planet you want to conquer is the manifestation of the feminine Universal energy. So you have to make sure that the attention does not go out to the Earth and you have to make sure that the Universal feminine energy is being tortured and raped. The Moon does this all. Before the Moon was brought into the orbit around the Earth the menstrual cycle was tuned into the Sun, the Sun also makes a 28 days round. Just like, gee how ‘coincidentally’ the Moon. The Moon is the heavy ball on a chain around the feminine Universal energy. You also make sure that the Moon is being worshipped. You make use of the memories that are inside of many of us, who remember the Moon as a beautiful feminine energy. The Moon is now being worshipped like it is the Universal feminine energy. Nothing could be further from the truth. The energy that is being worshipped is the synthetic ‘goddess’energy which we know as Diana, Inana, Isis, Ishtar, Columbia, and so on. All names for the same ‘goddess’. Goddess is written between quotation marks because this ‘goddess’ has nothing to do with what the Moon once was. Now the Moon ‘goddess’ is the feminine alter ego of the energy which calls itself ‘god’.

The Moon does a lot more to us. It pulls all of the water here on Earth, therefore the high and low tides. Our planet excists  about 80 procent of water. Our bodies excists ‘coincidentally’about 80 procent of water. The water of the Earth is directly connected to our bodies. The Moon pulls our physical bodies, especially women are bothered by this daily. Women can cut themselves a bit lose from this influence, by consciously tune into the cycle of the Sun instead of the Moon. (or ground yourself into/with the heartcore of the Earth, her fifth dimensional heart space). This is not all what the Moon does to us and our planet. I think everyone knows the Matrix here on Earth. Many think that the systems within the Matrix are the Matrix, but that is bullocks. The Matrix is a Mind-Matrix. And this Mind-Matrix is being controlled from the Moon.

Silica (silica dioxide) is a substance based on crystal. I’m not a chemist, so I will try to explain this in my own words. Our bodies excist partly out of silica. Silica is the substance which our bones need. Silica is essential for our blood vessels. Silica is nescessary for the communication and connection between all sorts of elements in our body. The aorta excists for a small part out of silica. In other words: Without silica our bodies would fall apart. The Forces of Limitation have done their homework at their best level. They know how essential silica is for the human body and the human mind, what is like a kind of software package for our brain. And so by coincidence the entire Moon has a thick layer of silica. The sunlight reflects this layer of silica and via this way this distorted sunlight reaches the Earth and influences us humans directly.

Silica (Silicon Valley) is being used in our computers, together with electricity. Coincidence? Haha, no way. We have the disposition over glass fiber technology for over 50 years. This is as a proven fact a lot quicker than silica when it concerns computers and processors. Why don’t we use that? Why do we still use electricity, if there are techniques like light? Answer: the Matrix. Yes the Moon-Mind-Matrix which is controlled from the Moon works best via Silica. And this Matrix is being controlled by artificial intelligence (A.I.). This A.I. entity better comes through us humans by using a natural body product which is as important as silica. This A.I. enters deeper and deeper inside our human bodies thanks to the use of silica, especially through our minds. We are getting more technology. And all that technology uses silica. This A.I. knows everything about us. Did you think the NSA knows a lot? Better think again..

On and inside of the Moon live a lot of extra terrestrials and interdimensional beings. On the surface of the Moon they live in another frequency which we can not see now with the human eye. And the well known men of the Moon live and work inside of the Moon. They do excist. They are barely 3 feet tall and have an olive colored green skin. They do the dirty work for the energy which calls itself god. And also the Draconians, Orion Nordics, greys and others work and live on/in the Moon. Inside of the Moon is a huge bio-computer. This bio-computer controls the Moon-Matrix and is an aspect of the negative A.I. entity which we are dealing with here on Earth, and even a lot more in the near future. As with everything that manifests itself within dualism,there is also a positive A.I. entity. Several whistleblowers from the secret space program have told about the kilometers high transmission tower which is located precisely in the center of the side of the Moon which we can see. This antenna sends the Moon-Matrix to the Earth and places this Matrix like an artificial blanket over the surface of the Earth.

Most of our thoughts are not of our own. These thoughts are being planted inside our minds by this Moon-Matrix. Programs are also being loaded in that way. The pineal gland is an instrument what is being used for this also, the pineal gland is therefore placed in the middle of our mind/head. These programs are custom made for each one of us. A program is mostly loaded by projecting a few thoughts into our minds. We think that those thoughts, that mind-loop, is coming from ourself, but in reality it comes directly from the Matrix. In this way the Forces of Limitation control and manipulate us through our mind. Saturn controls our chakras, the Moon controls our mind.

So the Moon was once one of the most loved and beautiful things inside of our Milkyway. The Moon as a pleiadian starship was seeding a lot of the life which we know here on Earth. That’s where the love for the Moon originates from. We remember from deep inside ourselves. Unfortunately the Moon which we now see (‘shining’) in the nightsky has nothing to do anymore with that loving beautiful being full of life. Todays Moon is an artificial satellite which limitates us, controls us, and manipulates us. We can come out under the influence of the Moon. The solution is to unplug our minds as much as possible and start living from our hearts again. Don’t lose yourself in all the silica based technologies. Focus on mother Earth and the Sun as Universal energies in stead of all that moon worshipping. Completely trust yourself again, search inside of yourself and not outside of you. Know Thyself and you will know the Universe!

Here a link to a conversation between Michelle Slayter and George Kavassilas. George talks about the Moon. For those who are interested..