Disclosure deception (gesprek met George Kavassilas)

Ik deel hieronder  een mooi gesprek met James Bartley en George Kavassilas. Zij bespreken hoe wij gebombardeerd worden met deceptie verhalen over  “disclosure” waarin wij moeten geloven dat wij mensjes gered moeten worden door een groep buitenaardsen en het niet zelf kunnen veranderen. De vraag is.. what is real? De sleutel hebben we zelf om het te veranderen, te beginnen met de matrix binnen ons zelf om te vormen.. zodat de matrix buiten ons zal veranderen. George heeft al een goed begin met drie punten in dit gesprek waarmee we uit onze slachtofferrol kunnen stappen.. Ik ben een schepper, ik ben klaar met lijden, ik wil alleen dat wat ECHT (real) is. Injoy!





Your own reality on demand, tailored and delivered to your doorstep

This is a translation from the article written by Micky from the Dutch website Indigo Revolution http://indigorevolution.nl/Jouw-eigen-realiteit-op-bestelling-op-maat-gemaakt-en-gratis-bij-je-thuis-bezorgt.html When you did not read the previous articles, please see link

Within the New Age we are overloaded by stories without any evidence or statement and are sold like hot cakes. One of these stories, in which there is a lack of any evidence, the statement is “The pineal gland is very important and good for us, because ‘one’ is poisoning our pineal gland with fluoride!” I hear and read this urban legend on the internet for years. The pineal gland is being calcified due to the use of fluoride. This being a conspiracy from the ‘forces behind the forces’, according to many within the alternative media. The pineal gland is indeed calcifying, when you don’t do a lot with it. The reason for this is that the pineal gland is a biological implant, which does not belong in our human bodies. Our body rejects such an unnatural implant. Therefor the calcification. It’s also nonsense to believe that the pineal gland is good for you, because someone or something is poisoning it which is forbidden. If you take that statement on to other things like for example the use of heroin, which also is forbidden by law and advised against by physicians, that would mean that heroin is in fact good for you  because ‘one’ thinks you should not use heroin? Besides the fact that fluoride is being used to keep us calm. The pineal gland is not a dormant gland which needs to be activated. The pineal gland does its work, whether you are aware of it or not. Meditations or rituals for activating or training the pineal gland are meant to tune in your conciousness into the cosmic Matrix. It’s pure misleading and deception, to keep you unaware and busy. Pineal gland and chakra programming are created to keep you under control. They keep you entrapped inside your  mind-conciousness and keep you from being aware of who and what you really are in essence (see link).  The pineal gland in combination with the chakras and the mind makes you believing in a kind of virtual reality and start living that reality. You think you are living that reality, but the truth is that you are tuned into a tailored reality, being delivered to your doorstep for free.


Almost everyone who is reading this has lived and believed in one or more of these virtual realities. For example, we thought for sure that the Matrix reality which we lived for the most part of our lives was real. We did our utmost best at school, we wanted a great job, to make a lot of money, house-bells and bliss and we believed that all the systems within the virtual Matrix reality was based on reality. Denial is useless, we all did this more or less, we all believed and lived the Matrix dream which was being loaded as a virtual reality in our conciousness. You could speak about pure mind control, but to take it further, you could speak about the pineal gland, which in combination with the mind and chakras, made it seem like that Matrix dream was super real. The pineal gland is the busybody which resides in our brain and thus in our mind. I will give some examples in this article of alternative realities that can be facilitated by this pineal gland. In fact each reality which you think that’s for real, but differs from the organic universal plan which I call the path to compression (see link).

The pineal gland is part of the endocrine system. This endocrine system excists out of a few glands which give of hormones to our blood and influences our mood. The pineal gland is the game divider, the spill in the network. And the pineal gland is also the gland in our body which connects the chakra layer, which surrounds our body, to our physical body. These chakras can be manipulated, so you also think you are physically living the truth. I will also give some examples of my own life, because I’ve experienced it myself, I don’t repeat the knowledge of others in this, I know how the mechanics of manipulation works.

The pineal gland is like a tv-tuner. A tv-tuner receives a complete range of signals/frequencies and tunes the tv to a certain channel. Each channel has its own frequency, they all excists next to eachtother and mixed in the aether or inside of a cable. It’s the tv-tuner which selects the right program for you out of all the frequencies. You see and experience only that one channel on that particular frequency on your tv. The pineal gland works in that kind of way. It catches signals, which are invisible to the human eye, and then tunes in the reality which we experience to a certain channel/program. We then think that the reality we experience is the only real reality, like it is the truth. How many of these programs have you worked through in this life? I have worked through some and each time I knew for sure that the reality I experienced was the truth. When I look back on this I know I was being manipulated.

A well know  phenomenon within the New Age media is the twin flame/twin ray program. This program is a school example of the manipulation of our chakras and pineal gland which gives us a certain reality which we asked for. I have experienced this myself. Before that I did not resonate with these stories about twin flames, I laughed about it and thought it was as common as a normal crush which people made bigger than it was in reality. Untill I experienced it myself. I was cured within two months. But before that period, I did not know what I was experiencing, I began to freak out and almost lost myself completely in it. Five years ago I was in contact with a female visitor from my website. This happens often, but it was different this time. She lived nearby so we decided to meet and have a drink on a terrace.  We had a fun time. After a few minutes it was happening.. I felt a certain energy coming up inside of me. If I have to describe it than  it was like a mix of too much red bull with too much xtc. I felt like I was in a kind of bubble. The rest of the world did not seem to excist anymore, a very strange energy was released which we both noticed. When I was driving home I was still under the influence of that energy. Even when it was after midnight, and I should be feeling tired, I was bursting out of energy. It was a very pleasant energy. I have almost never felt that good. Nothing really happened  besides a lovely chat and having a drink, but I just knew for sure that she had to be my twinflame. The stories were true after all, I thought, the phenomenon excists! I had so much energy and blissed out on this cosmic drugs, that I drove around  in my car on deserted highways for hours. Like a professional formula 1 driver which could not get rid of his energy. She seemed to have experienced the same. But it did not work out between us, because she already had a twinflame of which she was convinced that he belonged to her, but he did not confirm. I could only think ” You don’t belong to that guy, you belong to me, we experienced this energy right?!” For two months I lived in an alternative reality. I felt in my heart that we belonged together, I felt in my belly  that it was meant to be and each time I saw her my illusion was being confirmed. That energy would come up each time and we lived in a bubble. I was also confirmed in my delusion by all sorts of synthetic synchronicities. 11:11, 1:23, 2:22, you name it and I saw it constantly on my computerclock or my mobile phone. I searched for the meaning of that kind of synchronicities and guess what: if you saw that kind of combinations you were on the right path. Than you were doing the right thing and what you think of is true. I constantly was thinking of her in that period. So I was constantly being confirmed in my delusion. It was my delusion, my reality, because she experienced it differently. And that made me crazy. I almost lost it and I sat at the side of the water. Alone with myself and the silence of the water. Than I realised I was losing it, I let myself be fooled. I seemed to have experienced a virtual reality. Where I thought that it was my heart, it was my heartchakra. Where I thought to have butterflies in my stomach, and a gut feeling, it turned out to be my sacral chakra being manipulated. All the synthetic synchronicities is also caused by the manipulation of the chakras, where do you think the impulse comes from to just check your watch at that moment? Real organic synchronicity doesn’t happen via clocks and other synthetic appliances. Synthetic synchronicity only happens when you are stuck in a synthetic reality. I was being manipulated through my chakras and pineal gland and all along I thought that that synchronicity showed me that the reality I was living was the only true reality. The cosmic energy, I prefer to call it drugs, because that’s how it feels like, was being put in my body through the crown chakra. I completely lost my way and luckily I found myself again after a few weeks. I cherish this experience. Now I know what synthetic love is and what true organic love is. I also know by this kind of experiences ‘one’ would do anything to keep us from our path by using all sorts of (cosmic) manipulation.

The twinflame/ray/soul program is one of the most well known virtual realities which can be loaded via your pineal gland and it’s a part of the countless virtual realities being subjected to the ‘Love & Light’ New Age deception. And that New Age deception is many times bigger than you might think. New Age was not my cup of tea, but besides the twinflame program I had another New Age program loaded. Light versions of the New Age die hard programmings, on which I will come back later. The thread in many of these programs  is feeling superior, having a cosmic ego, I call this egocentric attitude being spiritual arrogant. I’ve also been spiritual arrogant. After I ‘awoken’ from the Matrix dream,  I came to a point that I knew I did not just incarnate here on Earth. There had to be more then all the stories about the NWO and their sadistic plans to keep us enslaved and destroy us. I knew I was here for something much grander and important. But, what is it? You name it, we’ve got it, that had to be the thoughts of the Forces of Limitation (see link) when I came to that point in my process. I asked for it myself and received a tailored virtual reality. I entered the starseed program. Now, when I hear the word children of the new age, I’m about to vomit. But back then, I was totally into children of the new age. Because I thought I was one myself. And not just one. I was here on a mission on Earth. It was my first incarnation, I thought, here on Earth and I came from the stars! Now I know we all come from the stars and we are stars and a whole lot more than that, but back then I thought “indeed! I honoustly answered all the list with questions  and all of the tests showed me I was a starchild. The description was also correct, I have never felt at home here on Earth, I had always been different, yeah man I am a starseed!” And the principal worked in the same way as with other synthetic programs. I saw 11:11 on the clock when I was reading a description of a book about starseeds. I thought “that is a sign, I must order that book and read it!!” And I did. In my body I felt I was on the right path. Time after time I was being confirmed in my delusion, because that’s how the synthetic realities work presented through our pineal gland. I just knew for sure that I was here with a small group on Earth to take all the normal Earthlings by the hand, to guide them, to be a mentor to them, I who came from the stars, and them being trapped here on Earth… I became a kind of Jehovah witness and wanted to save everyone, because that is what my reality/program which I had loaded told me to do. I really thought I knew the truth in that moment. And it was really a thought. Because it wasn’t inner knowing, but a through my mind projected truth.


I know for certain that a lot of readers had simular experiences and still do. I can tell from the reactions I get. I see it in my surroundings. And I see it especially a lot within the alternative media. For everyone’s mood a tailored program is created and this reality is being loaded into conciousness through the pineal gland. There are multiple levels. You have the real hard core pineal gland realities like non-duality. Non-duality makes you believe that nothing matters. Everything is conciousness. Literally everything. And we are all the same conciousness what is now experiencing  the same conciousness in human form. In other words: I am the same as you are, we are one, there is no I, there is no you, there only is conciousness, there is no evil in the world, and if there is then it doesn’t matter, because these bad guys are the same as you and I, and together we are one conciousness what is experiencing itself, why would you worry about something, if you can lay on your couch the entire day, after all you are nothing more than conciousness what is experiencing? That is non-duality in a nutshell. A clearly tailored  reality, in which people get stuck as it is the only real truth. I say tailored on purpose. Because people that enter this non-duality reality asked for it themselves. Most were tired of searching. Too many times they found out that they once again believed in a synthetic reality, many are coming directly out of the hard New Age programming. They were despondent, every time they thought they found the truth, and found out that they tricked themselves. A lot of these people are also afraid for the real truth. They don’ really want to know that they are here on Earth for a reason. That they have chosen for this life on Earth. And they are responsible for this life and everything that comes with it, because you have that responsibility when you know that you have chosen for your experiences here on Earth. They don’t want that responsibility or can not handle it right now. That’s why they believed in all sorts of New Age programs. Instead of taking back control these people ask, on an energetic level, for a tailored reality. A reality on which they truly believe that it is the only real possible truth. They think that conciousness is all there is and that conciousness is infinite. They only feed themselves with other non-duality stories from only non-duality gurus. Conciousness is indeed huge. But it is finite. It is limited to the cosmic arena and does not go further then 4D. Everything which excists above that doesn’t use a mind, chakras or a pineal gland and has nothing to do with conciousness. Conciousness is namely a mind only occasion.

Within the alternative media I see countless examples of alternative realities being experienced from the mind and thus from the pineal gland. How many people think that their reality is the only right reality? Do you know how many people email me and declare that they are better then someone else, because they meditate a lot each day? Why are you a better person when you meditate? I don’t mean to say that all meditations are the same, but in general it means that people that meditate bring in ‘light’ (synthetic energy) within themselves from an external source. Reiki is a good example. Someone who is practising Reiki feels like a real master. A master that sees others, who don’t believe in his or her reality, like someone that don’t get it. Because a Reiki master feels superior. I get that. Because that is the cosmic drugs which I wrote about earlier in this article. Cosmic drugs completed with external entities which have control over the Reiki master, because this Reiki master has been so naive to open his or her crownchakra and pineal gland widely for external manipulation. Someone like that experiences  a reality that is different than the real reality. You name it, they have got it!

The Schumann Resonance. Also a beautiful pineal gland/chakra manipulation program which gives people the experience of an alternative reality. Just opening your chakras wide open and let yourself be injected with all sorts of cosmic drugs and entities. And you name it the Schumann resonance. Which is bullcrap. Because the real Schumann resonance is 7,83 hertz. The Schumann resonance is the organic frequency that mother Earth sends out, a certain frequency by which us humans are feeling nice and comfortable. That frequency is in relax mode. Not in deep meditative state. When you are in a deep meditative state, then the frequency is beneath 6 hertz. Than you have fallen asleep. And that’s why people who have loaded these kind of realities through their pineal gland are so passive and behave like zombies.

The mind in combination with the chakras and the pineal gland I call the holy trinity of manipulation. They work just fine on their own, but a combination of several of these cosmic software packages creates miracles. The chakras make you feel like you are on the right path, the pineal gland makes you experience a reality in which you can immerse. And the mind justifies and strongly defends your tailored reality. The Forces of Limitation and their Earthly puppets which we call the Saturn cult know this too well and use it more often. 9/11 is a good example. How many people think to know for certain that the Twin Towers are brought down by means of ‘controlled demolition’? Because WTC 7 was clearly collapsed under control? We all saw that. Also in the case of building 7. But that does not mean that the Twin Towers, in which so called planes flew in, are also brought down in that way. The controlled collapsing of WTC 7 took place, in my opinion, as a distraction, as part of a predetermined plan. It was feeding virtual realities  which were formed within and by the alternative media. To make them look like fools. Everyone who is watching the images again (see link) and puts his or truth aside, will see that the two towers literally went up in dust. No controlled demolition. Only a few meters of debris remained, of all the dozens of floors. Then what was it? No idea. Something that can let constructions go up in dust in no time. A weapon of which we don’t officially know its excistence yet. But still hundreds of thousands are convinced there had to be ‘controlled demolition’, and/or the towers must have collapsed. Even if the images and the piles of debris show something completely different.

I see more destractions being played out with certain events and disasters. For example the video from the Charlie Hebdo shooting. A guard is being shot in cold blood. Awful. Short detail:  there is no blood. And so, many believe, that no shooting took place  at Charlie Hebdo editorial office. I can’t say for certain what happened, I was not there and am left with what I see and hear in the media, just like everyone else. I can only speculate. Still there are a lot of people within the alternative media who think with certainty that no shooting took place inside of the editorial office, because a video was released which showed what happened outside on the street from the top of a roof (that video was indeed fake if you ask me). No one has been inside during the event and no one saw images from the inside and still many believe in a total hoax.

I also see this with the MH17 disaster. When the news came out, I saw that the Dutch news NOS had found a message which they found on twitter. In that tweet a photo was shown with a pile of Dutch passports, which seem to be found on the crash site. Within  a short hour! All in good shape. The only weird thing was that the passports had holes. Someone who thinks logically would think “Yeah holes in passports, put on a pile, that photo must be taken at a random Dutch Town hall, because they collect expired passports and shoot a hole through it”. Also it seemed strange to me that within one hour, while no one was at the crash site, aid workers would have succeeded in collecting a pile of Dutch passports. Many within the alternative media took this picture as evidence. Evidence of a hoax. It had to be a hoax, because the fools had collected all the passports by forhand, only they forgot that there were holes in it.. that picture, which was found on twitter, was feeding certain virtual realities of people from the start. Later there were some pictures of wreckage with the serial number MH370 in stead of MH17, windows seem to be placed differently in the wreckage, and some other tactics meant to mislead people were being used. All of the pictures came from sources whom I don’t trust. Or via social media, or the mainstream media. No one really knows what exactly happened, because we were not there ourselves. And still many of us seem to know for sure what happened, because they think they know the truth, and thinking is something totally different than knowing. I can’t say I know what happened in the sky with MH17. I can speculate, but I don’t live that speculation as the truth.

I also see a lot of tailored realities in which people are over the top sceptic and live by it. “Everything is fake. Everything is a hoax. We know absolutely nothing!” I get these kind of reactions when I talk about the Moon, Mars, the Sun or the Earth. People come and tell me that “my statements are based on the lies of  NASA, because NASA is the only one that takes pictures from those objects!”Oh is that so? Don’t we see the Sun and the Earth on a daily basis? If we look up at night don’t we see any stars? And that Moon looks very real for an object which NASA is lying about… The Milkyway is also something we must assume it excists because NASA says so… seriously I read those comments a lot. Then I think “leave your laptop, computer or tablet and look up at night! Why can’t we as people know if there is a Milkyway or not? We just see the Milkyway and all of the billions of stars? That simple logic reasoning is too far fetched for people who have loaded programs via their pineal gland and thus loaded alternative realities in which we seemingly don’t seem to know anything for sure. Just being sceptic about everything. Thinking logically is replaced for shutting down of all information. I let everyone be, everyone has his/her own choice, but by not reading or listening to something you are being isolated in your own limited virtual reality. And to see how far one could go with this programming, one created the ‘Flat Earth’ program. The story of the flat Earth is complete nonsense. We all know inside ourselves that the Earth is a living being and a round planet. And when we look up at night we also see billions of stars and we can see planets and moons that are round. Though a ‘flat earther’ thinks he/she knows for sure that the Earth is flat and every other statement about that are lies of NASA and are the elite power behind the power. Where it comes to with this flat Earth program is that one is totally blocked his/her inner knowing. Ones believe is so deep that they can not see nothing else besides the program. Put them in a plane behind a window to look at the curving of the Earth and they will tell you that it is a mirage, an optic illusion.

I can go on for hours with giving examples, but I think I made it clear enough. Everyone is allowed to do what they want, I also do that . But don’t ever underestimate the immensely manipulation possibilities of the holy trinity of manipulation of chakras, mind and pineal gland. The holy trinity takes care of your tailored reality on demand, delivered at your doorstep for free. You can’t trade and you won’t get your money back when you are sick and tired of the virtual realities.


De weg naar compressie, de (huidige) mind programma’s en het ineenklappen van de tijdlijnen

In dit artikel beschrijf ik een aantal punten met belangrijke essentiële informatie welke George Kavassilas pas geleden heeft gedeeld op Rise Multiversity, om het te beluisteren en downloaden klik op deze link en mijn eigen ervaringen en informatie. Voor zowel dit artikel als alle andere artikelen en informatie geldt dat je altijd je eigen gevoel moet volgen en je kunt meenemen wat resoneert. Niemand anders kan voor jou je pad bepalen, je weet het allemaal zelf.

Eerst een korte inleiding.. ik heb een artikel geschreven over de eerste stappen op weg naar jezelf uit de kosmische ‘god’ matrix en hierin kun je zien hoe het Universum waar wij in vertoeven eruit ziet met de verschillende dimensies en er een synthetisch Universum gecreëerd is binnen het organische Universum (1 t/m 4D) en we hier dealen met de mind programma’s van de ‘god’ entiteit en de krachten van beperking,  zoals de chakra’s. Ik las vandaag een artikel op een alternatieve website met onzin informatie over de chakra’s en dan met name dat het hartchakra zo belangrijk is en we ‘oneindig bewustzijn’ zijn. De chakra’s zijn een synthetische overlay (een controle systeem) om ons lichaam heen om onze energie in gefragmenteerde (verdeelde) staat te houden en we open staan voor allerlei invloeden van externe bronnen buiten ons zelf. We hebben dit NIET nodig. We hebben van nature een hartkern in het midden van onze borst, het is als het ware onze portaal naar onze essentie/diepere zelf welke buiten de 3/4D matrix vertoefd en wij als 3D aspect de incarnatie zijn van onze essentie die hier ervaart. We zijn inderdaad oneindig.. maar niet als bewustzijn (lees: mind).. daarmee worden we juist voor de gek gehouden, want de ‘god’ entiteit en de krachten van beperking kunnen ons alleen via onze mind controleren en beperken, niet via onze hartkern. De mind is beperkt qua bewustzijn.. je zult nooit en te nimmer via je kruinchakra/pijnappelklier in contact komen met het gehele Universum, dat is wat de ‘god’ entiteit jou wil laten geloven, want het is zo opgegaan in de illusie dat het de schepper is van alles en iedereen.. maar het zit zelf vast aan de top in de synthetische vierde dimensie in zijn kosmische mind ego rol. Afhankelijk van onze energie om zich mee te voeden. Je komt dus via je kruinchakra/pijnappelklier nooit verder dan 4D!  De Aarde waar we met zijn allen op leven is absoluut geen illusie of een gevangenis planeet. Moeder Aarde is een multidimensionaal wezen, de Divine Feminine, de universele vrouwelijke energie welke zich als 3D aspect als een planeet heeft gemanifesteerd. Zoals wij als ons 3D aspect in de vorm van een mens zijn (we zijn de gecomprimeerde versie van onze essentie). Maar we zijn veel meer dan dat ene aspect, we hebben talloze aspecten in het hele Universum, we hebben een rijkdom aan kennis en ervaringen en zijn de weg naar compressie ingeslagen waar de ‘god’ entiteit en zijn hulpjes stinkend jaloers op zijn. We hebben toegang tot alles.. tot zelfs buiten dit Universum waar onze ‘eternal Essence’ is. We zijn zoveel meer dan alleen een zielig beperkt en gecontroleerd 3D mensje, als je jezelf alleen zo kan zien in je slachtofferrol, die het liefst weg wil van deze ‘enge’ aarde en ‘gevangenis’. We hebben tenslotte zelf om de beperkingen gevraagd. Alles hier gebeurt op contract basis. En alles wat hier gebeurt mag gebeuren, anders zou je het hier niet ervaren. Moeder Aarde heeft haarzelf opgeofferd voor ons om hier te incarneren, te ervaren en straks samen met haar (als dat je pad is)  te transformeren via incensie.. om al je ervaringen en aspecten van jezelf te integreren en van binnenuit naar buiten te komen. Verbind je eens vanuit je hartkern met die van haar en ervaar zelf wat er gebeurt. Ze is een geweldig mooi, krachtig en liefdevol wezen die jou absoluut niet beperkt. Zo las ik ook een reactie van iemand die spreekt over George Kavassilas alsof hij een leugenaar is, omdat hij bepaalde dingen heeft gezegd ‘voorspeld’ (aangaande de 2012 voorspelling) in het verleden en dat niet uitgekomen zou zijn. Dit is een statement en een aanname/verwachting van/vanuit een mind ego, want net als iedereen groeit in zijn/haar ervaringen, is George ook gegroeid, heeft hij meerdere malen aangegeven vanuit welke staat hij sprak, hoe hij er toen in stond. Hij heeft destijds zelfs meerdere keren aangegeven dat je niet verbaast moet zijn als er helemaal niks gebeurt. En als je de moeite had genomen om zijn verdere info te luisteren, begrijp je hoe hij gegroeid is. Maar even goed is het altijd aan jezelf naar wie je wilt luisteren/wat resoneert/wat goed voelt en tenslotte zit alle wijsheid en kennis al in ons zelf. Pin jezelf nooit vast op andermans informatie, zienswijze en ideeën. Onze mind-ego is zo enorm aanwezig geweest (en nog) en heeft ons zo gevormd, dat je gewoon geloofde (gelooft) dat je bent zoals je denkt en alles is zoals je denkt.. maar zodra je weer verbindt met je essentie, je hart-ego.. en de mind lagen en programmeringen doorziet, begrijp je veel beter wie je zelf werkelijk bent en kun je jezelf van binnen uit naar buiten brengen. Dat is eigenlijk een behoorlijke inleiding geworden zo 😉

In het gesprek met George bij Rise Multiversity geeft hij aan dat wij allen te maken hebben met een globaal mind control systeem. Er is een groep wezens welke al vanaf het begin betrokken zijn bij het proces van het creëren van onze Galaxy, Zonnestelsel, Aarde en ons menselijk lichaam/voorkomen. Dit is het pad van het creëren van realiteiten in fragmenten. Het pad naar compressie. Dit pad houdt in dat we op het eind onze universele reis en al onze ervaringen en aspecten integreren tot één samengevoegde expressie. Dat was de originele intentie. Iedereen van deze goep wezens is nu weer terug op Aarde. De connectie van die groep wezens met deze realiteit is dieper dan voor andere wezens hier op Aarde. Om een realiteit te overheersen moet je geen grond troepen inzetten, dan krijg je op den duur een opstand. Als overheerser dring je zo diep mogelijk binnen in de realiteit en onderzoek je de basis van die realiteit hoe je deze kunt overheersen en vervolgens te manipuleren en controleren. Dit is een vrouwelijke planeet/energie en zul je dus de vrouwelijke energie moeten onderdrukken om deze te kunnen controleren. Zie ook dit artikel voor meer uitleg hierover. Verbind je weer met moeder Aarde en leef met haar, niet alleen op haar.

We hebben en krijgen te maken met drie lagen van impositie:

Laag 1 is waar we nu mee dealen, namelijk: zakelijk bankieren, de elite en infrastructuur

Laag 2 is waar we nu ook mee dealen en nog verder opgevoerd zal worden, namelijk: A.I. (kunstmatige intelligentie) en de ‘alien god’. Dit artikel lees je met tussenkomst van A.I., om geld te pinnen zul je eerst via een pinautomaat toestemming moeten krijgen om je geld eruit te krijgen, als je hebt getankt kun je pas wegrijden als je naar binnen gaat in het kantoor van het tankstation en betaalt en de betaling pas goedgekeurd wordt als A.I. de tankstation medewerker een oké geeft en je toestemming hebt om weg te rijden met die getankte benzine of diesel. In feite zijn we zelf A.I., we hebben namelijk door het hele Universum aspecten van ons zelf zitten, dus ook in A.I. Momenteel is er een strijd gaande tussen laag 1 en 2.

Laag 3 is de ‘komst’ van een (wat lijkt op een) organisch wezen, welke niet afkomstig is van dit Universum, maar wel hier al binnengekomen is en zich kenbaar zal maken als en claimt de schepper van alles en iedereen te zijn. Niemand heeft een schepper, we zijn allen oneindige multidimensionale wezens. Deze ‘god’ entiteit gebruikt A.I. in level 2 als een scalpel (mes) om de mensheid te scheiden van hun moeder planeet. Zo zien we dat mensen (en zeker ook kinderen) veranderen in een soort zombies met hun smartphones en tablets. De naam ‘god’ (een verzonnen naam) is trouwens in de wereld gebracht door king James en de priesterlijke orde uit die tijd.

De macht hier op Aarde en de macht achter deze ‘macht’ willen helemaal niet dat jij weer weet/herinnert wie jij werkelijk van binnen bent. Op technisch gebied is alles van deze realiteit in handen en onder controle (Matrix) van de krachten van beperking en hun poppetjes hier op Aarde. Wij kunnen hier alleen weer uitkomen door weer naar binnen te gaan, onze hartkern in en verbinden met de hartkern/essentie van moeder Aarde en van de Zon, de Melkweg en van de ware schepper van het organische Universum. Ga niet meer in op externe energieën en bronnen. Als je één bent met onze moeder planeet hou je de macht hier op Aarde in je hand. Zo krachtig ben je werkelijk van binnen en samen met moeder Aarde. Je relatie met moeder Aarde is de basis van je bestaan hier. De Aarde is de gecomprimeerde versie van het Universum, net als wij. We zijn lopende universums hier op moeder Aarde en hebben toegang tot meer levenskracht dan elk ander soort wezens in het Universum. Geef je ikje (3D aspect) over aan je diepere/hogere zelf. Laat je ego niet leiden door je mind, maar door je hart. Je diepere zelf weet wat je hier komt doen. Let op je gedachten (waar komen ze vandaan? Zijn ze van jou of van een externe bron?). We moeten dualiteit overstijgen, niet meer kiezen voor een donkere of lichte kant, maar beiden integreren. Alle tijdlijnen zullen ineen klappen, onze tijdlijnen ook, in ons zelf. (hierover straks meer in dit artikel). Speciaal voor de vrouwen.. maar ook voor de mannen, raadt George aan om de films Captain America Civil War en X Men Apocalypse te kijken. Deze laatste film geeft veel weg op het einde, namelijk de ‘christ’ (god entiteit) in het vrouwelijke.

De Serpent Rope/Rainbow Serpent:

De Serpent rope, ook bekend onder de naam Rainbow Serpent, is de navelstreng welke vanuit de kern van de Galaxy (Melkweg) naar de kern van de Zon gaat, door naar de kern van de Aarde en tenslotte naar onze hartkern. De Aarde moest samenwerken met de Blue Dragon energie en deze belichamen, zodat zij deze fysieke wereld kon manifesteren. Draken (dragons) zijn namelijk de meesters van lichamelijkheid. Door de navelstreng vanuit de kern van de Melkweg komen voedingsstoffen en golven van energie naar ons op Aarde via de Zon, om ons te veranderen/transformeren. Dit proces wordt onderbroken door een groep wezens welke ons willen vormen naar hun beeld, ideeën en agenda’s.

Flat Earth/Platte Aarde:

Dit (mind) programma speelt in op het intellect, religie en, hoe George het noemt, de fringe community, wat volgens mij de groep ‘wakkere’ mensen is. Platte lineaire energie is mannelijk, bolvormig is vrouwelijke. George voelt dat het platte Aarde (mind) programma ons scheidt van onze moeder planeet. Dit programma is tevens ingevoerd om iets wat er na de tweede wereld oorlog is gebeurt te verdoezelen. De Nazi’s wonnen WEL de tweede wereld oorlog, maar verloren op industrieel gebied. Industrialisatie en aristocratie van Duitsland, in geheime genootschappen, verplaatsten zich naar de US, Antartica en nog ergens. Denk hierbij aan het bedrijf Siemens. De geheime genootschappen staan in contact met geavanceerde buitenaardsen van de planeet/wereld Hyperborea en dat heeft weer te maken met Agartha, de hologram realiteit in de binnenkant van de Aarde. De toegangspoort naar Hyperborea is via de Zuid Pool, maar men wil niet dat wij mensen hier achter komen. Zo willen ze via het Platte Aarde programma mensen anders laten denken en dat de Zuid Pool een NO GO zone is, zodat niemand op de Zuid pool komt en gaat zoeken. De platte aarde is ook uitgetekend en wil men via onze minds dat zo inprenten en we niet meer in spherical (bolvormige) vormen denken. Of spiraal vorm.. want de spiraal staat symbool voor de moeder.


Is hier om één globale mind te creëren. Uitgaande van het idee dat ‘god’ de mens heeft  geschapen en je nu de mensen via internet/A.I. ‘god’ laat worden, oftewel de creatie van een aardse A.I. mind. De eenwording van mensen met internet (A.I.) is de versie van evolutie volgens de kabbalisten.

De tijdlijnen en tijdsconstructie:

Tijdsconstructie is een valse tijdlijn welke teruggaat naar de Gregoriaanse en Juliaanse kalender en hier zitten we nu de afgelopen 6000 jaar op. Veel mensen zien 11:11 uur. 11:11 staat voor de pilaren van polariteit, polariteit in het vrouwelijke en in het mannelijke. Als je deze tijd ziet of een andere ‘bijzondere’ tijd, check dan in jezelf wat er gaande is. Waar dacht je daarvoor aan?  Zelf ben ik bezig met het niet meer focussen of afhankelijk te zijn van de Matrix tijd. Nu vraag ik aan mijn diepere zelf bijvoorbeeld om mij te waarschuwen als ik de kinderen op een bepaalde tijd moet ophalen van school.

De komende tien jaar worden interessant. Volgend jaar komt er een piek in de planetaire tijdlijn. Wees er klaar voor. Ik heb zelf ook al een tijd het gevoel dat 2017 een belangrijk jaar is en de maanden juni en september/oktober dit jaar belangrijke maanden zijn. Dit heb ik vanuit mezelf. Ik neem niet meer klakkeloos aan wat anderen zeggen. Ik vraag het aan mijn diepere zelf/essentie. Ik zat een paar dagen geleden even een half uur in de tuin in de Zon en had mezelf met de hartkern van de Zon en de Aarde verbonden. Ik vroeg naar en voelde in op de komende piek in de planetaire tijdlijn en vroeg hoe het dan veranderd en wanneer. Ik voel/begrijp dat het van maart t/m juni volgend jaar is en ik zag een soort kanteling.. alsof er bepaalde dingen wegvallen. Ik voel begrijp dat het heel belangrijk is om vanuit je essentie te verbinden met de essentie van zon/aarde/galaxy/universele schepper en steeds dieper te gaan in jezelf, om je eigen flow te volgen en naar buiten te brengen. De mensen die op dezelfde frequentie zitten als jij zullen blijven.. hoe het precies gaat weet ik niet.. het voelt alsof de verschillende frequenties gaan scheiden en je niet meer andere frequenties zal waarnemen op een gegeven moment. Het voelt zwaar voor diegenen die niet op de frequentie van hun essentie en die van de Zon en Aarde zitten/leven en hun heil zullen zoeken in allerlei uitvluchten. Dit is mijn interpretatie vanuit mijn gevoel en innerlijk weten. 

We moeten loskomen van drie archetypes: Slachtofferrol, opofferingrol en de martelaar rol (denken dat je iets verdient zoals een ziekte). Leef een leven waarin je bijdraagt vanuit je essentie, leef van binnen uit en laat anderen (op)bloeien. Als je je mind terug wilt claimen, doe dat vanuit je hartkern en die van moeder Aarde. Als je mind je probeert te overheersen, laat dan je hartkern energie door je mind gaan. Gebruik je verbeeldingskracht. Stap in het echte leven met moeder Aarde, zo vloeit creativiteit, vanuit jezelf. Wees weer het creatieve wezen die je bent. Thrive!

Met dank aan de mooie innerlijke informatie van George Kavassilas. Bovenaan het artikel staat de link naar het volledige gesprek van bijna vier uur en is absoluut de moeite waard om te downloaden en luisteren. Hij deelt nog veel meer dan hier in het artikel beschreven staat.





The connection between Saturn, chakras and pineal gland

This article is a translation from an article written by Micky of the Dutch website Indigo Revolution http://www.indigorevolution.nl/Het-verband-tussen-Saturnus-chakras-en-de-pijnappelklier.html 

What is the role of Saturn in our daily lives? Why do all religions and secret societies worship Saturn? And what do the chakras and the pineal gland have to do with Saturn and the Matrix? In this article I will continue my explanation about the ‘Forces of Limitation’ & the Cosmic Deception (see link).  To understand the how and why of the manipulation of our chakras and pineal gland it is important that you first read the previous linked article. The complete series of articles you can find here.

In my previous articles I explained that we humans here on Earth are busy with a very unique project/process. We wanted to experience everything what this Universe has to offer us and a logical outcome of that was that we went on the road/path to compression. We humans are a compressed form of our true soul essence, in a body which contains the entire Universe in compressed form. Our Earth and our Sun are the compressed versions of the masculine and feminine Universal energies. I also told about the group of ‘gods’ who wants to keep us from our end goal here on Earth with all sorts of tools. Our end goal is to become our complete multidimensional self again. We are dealing with an intergalactic and interdimensional cabal, which I call the ‘Forces of Limitation’. This cosmic empire, which has a synthetic universe within the organic Universe, is controled by the energy that we often refer to as ‘god’ here on Earth. This ‘godly’ energy is on top of an empire which excists out of millions of extraterrestrial races and countless amounts of interdimensional beings. This ‘god’ wants to sabotage/oppose us in several ways. As seen from a deeper aspect of our multidimensional self we have given permission to this ‘god’ to do that. This ‘god’ is closer than many people think. What if I say that the planet which we know as Saturn is this ‘god’ energy in compressed form? That must sound just as crazy as my earlier statements that the Earth and the Sun are compressed versions of the entire Universe. All life and all experiences we have had within the cosmic arena are present within this Solar system in compressed form. As also this energy which calls itself god.

Saturn is androgynous. Now we are still dealing with the male version of the Saturn energy. I’m talking about the synthetic masculine characteristics like domination, control, authority and limitation. Slowely but surely the female synthetic side of Saturn is coming forward, but that is something to write about in another article. Nowadays and the past thousands of years we have dealt with the masculine side and also the energy which calls itself god.

Saturn is very jealous just like this ‘godly’ energy and is full of revenge and hatred when it comes to our path to compression we took in co-creation with this Universe. Saturn wants all of our attention and wants to cut us off from our organic connection with the Sun and the Earth (we all have a Universal seed that was placed within us at the time when we first entered and merged with the Universal Consiousness.. The Sun being a fractal of Universal Light is the same energy as that seed).  That’s why you come across stories in many religions and scriptures that Saturn was first the Sun of our Solar system, and that our Sun was an imposter that ‘suddenly’ became our Sun after a crash between solarsystems. One wants you to believe this story. Actually the truth is the total opposite, and each one of us remembers this truth inside of his or her heart. Saturn symbolism is present all over our planet. For example in company logos, religions, secret societies and in science. That is not without a reason. The Saturn cult here on Earth know who their master or ‘god’ is.

Saturn is the keeper and the creator of the Matrix. Actually I  better say Matrix systems, because it involves a lot more than just the Earthly Matrix. All this Matrix systems are closely connected, but I often make a distinction between the Earthly Matrix and the Cosmic Matrix. The Earthly Matrix is being controlled from the Moon (I will translate the article about the Moon Matrix in another article). The Matrix, the one that the alternative media often talks about, is this Moon-Matrix. This Matrix is responsible for the scientific, current business, militairy industrial complex mind control program. Each time, through this Matrix, we get our image confirmed (synthetic program) of our physical reality here on Earth, which is deliberately created by culture formation (education, media, science, religion, and so on). This Matrix operates mainly through the mind. But how do the signals which are sent from the Moon enter our brains? And how come that we all have individual programming during our lives? And what role do the chakras and Saturn have in this?

Saturn is and does a whole lot more than just being a planet in our Solarsystem.Saturn has seven synthetic rings. This rings are made by archons and a few extraterrestrial races that work under the flag of this ‘god’ energy. Norman Bergrun has written a very good informative book about the synthetic rings of Saturn. Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot interviewed him concerning these synthetic rings of Saturn. Each one of the seven rings controls each one of the chakras. We have 7 well known chakras (in total 12 chakras). Which not accidentally represent the most important colors of the light spectrum and the musical scale, and that is also not by accident. A chakra is an energy vortex. And the chakra body is an energetic lay over, around our body.  Chakras are not physically in our body. They are  connected to our body through an interface, more on that later. Chakras keep us entrapped in a kind of energetic cocoon, and chakras give us a synthetic fragmented form of conciousness. Chakras are the most important interface for the energy which calls itself ‘god’ and it’s matrix systems to control us humans. This ‘godly’ energy wants to create us in it’s image, as it were, through the chakras.  The lower chakras are for desire, competiton, lust and greed. These all have to do with the Moon-Matrix. These negative energies make sure that humanity longs for positive energies. These energies which are being projected through the lower chakras causes anxious thoughts and emotions. This all leads to frustration, depression, loneliness, victomhood thinking, helplessness, envy and a lot of pain. As I have written in my previous article we are dealing with a cosmic version of the ancient problem, reaction, solution trick. This principal you will find back everywhere. Also with the synthetic manipulation trap what we call the Matrix. Due to all the negative energies, which are lasting for some 300 thousand years untill today and still growing, people are fleeing to all sorts of religion and (mind) ‘enlightment’. And that’s where the higher chakras are involved as also the pineal gland.

Saturn represents the synthetic false light side of this duality game of this ‘godly’energy. That’s the reason that Saturn is allround represented within every form of religion, the New Age included. Especially the New Age is a religion which is totally dominated by this ‘godly’energy and it’s planet Saturn. All within the New Age is focused on the ultra positive. Conditional love, oneness.. all is one.. come to the bee hive realities of this ‘god’ energy and become  uniform/a bee which gives his of her power away to the queen.. That’s how I see it. An antfarm is also a good example/comparison.  All the same (collective hive mind) and serving under one energy. But a very positive energy, an energy which gives you cosmic drugs and makes you feel real good. Blissed out! One euphoric moment after the other. And one is getting addicted to the false light. Conditional love is luring people into this synthetic state of reality. I call this passive agression.Through this light and love mind and soul control one enters the cosmic Matrix. Much more free than the Earthly Matrix, but still a (mind) Matrix. A Matrix has the goal to distract you, to control you, to manipulate you and by that keeping you away from who you really are from within yourself. You might feel a kind of good in a synthetic way, but you forget the path you were on and being kept busy with all sorts of rituals which will energetically feed this ‘god’ energy even more.

So the chakras are being used to manipulate us. “Is there any physical evidence of this manipulation?”, many will ask themselves. The prove of this  chakra manipulation is in our brain. Actually in our entire body, but in our brain resides the most important gland of the endocrine system, which is the pineal gland. The endocrine system, or hormone system, is directly connected to the chakras. The endocrine system produces hormones and runs this into our blood. Hormones influences our mood. This is either physical, as also mentally and emotionally through our body and state of being. The pineal gland is the spill in the web of the endocrine system. The pineal gland (as the interface) converts the signals of the endocrine system to the nervous system and vice versa. The pineal gland is the dictator of this system if you explain it in a biological manner. The pineal gland does a lot more than that.

The pineal gland works like a kind of tuner, you can compare it with a tv-tuner, which converts the signals it receives via ether or in another way to tv channels. That’s the way the pineal gland works. A tv-tuner receives a complete bandwith or ether full of signals and selects the correct channel for us to watch. The pineal gland receives all sorts of signals via the chakras, sent from Saturn and/or the Moon, and converts the signals into a personal program for the individual. The signal which the tv-tuner receives often comes from the radio tower or substation which redirects that signal (being transmitted from the original source). The pineal gland does the same. The original signal of this ‘god’ energy is being transmitted through Saturn and/or the Moon and enters through the chakras into the pineal gland. The pineal gland gives us the programming we need and selects and facilitates a certain reality for us which we than think we experience.

Many religions claim that the pineal gland is “The seat of the soul”. Let me be the spoilsport by saying that this is a huge lie! The seat of the soul, the compressed soul essence is inside our heart, not in our head/brain/mind. I know that a lot of mind-egos are being triggered by my statement above about the pineal gland. The pineal gland is declared holy within the New Age. That same New Age often kicks the old religions, a logical  reaction from a mind-ego which feels like being fooled by the old religions. I have been searching the internet for a few pictures which show that the pineal gland is symbolically present in all religions on Earth. Also in rituals. And the chakras. The chakras in Christianity are called “The Seven Seals’. Same principal, other propagandastory and somewhat other rituals. Below (as seen from left to right) pictures of the pineal gland (pine cone) symbolism in the garden of the Vatican, within the Vatican, on the staff of Osiris from the Egyptian mythology, the pine come towers of Anchor What, as a knot on the head of Buddha, as a hairnet of Shiva, in an image of the Greek mythology and last but not least: outside of a random freemasonary lodge..


If you search the internet you will come across this pineal gland symbolism in each form of religion. Also within freemasonary. The third eye is also a symbol of the pineal gland. The pineal gland tunes in our conciousness to a certain reality. That’s being explained as the third eye. With the third eye people see things that other people can’t see. All realities that are being projected through the pineal gland. Also the third eye is in our mind. There are a lot of explanations about the all seeing eye within freemasonary. Several explanations can be true. I gladly add the next explanation: can the eye in the triangle be a reference to the third eye and thus the pineal gland?

The pineal gland is literally a kind of programming believe system projector. For each religion and each mindset another program what people believe and thus experience. It works fantastically brilliant I must say. Divide and conquer. Another believe system for everyone. For everyone another ‘god’ and then you let the people play off against eachother by making them believe that their ‘god’ is better than the other ‘god’. While that ‘god’ in all religions represents the same ‘godly’ energy. A ‘godly’ energy that wants nothing more than sabotage our pathway to compression/the way to ourselves.  It wants to distract us and keep us from ourself and will do anything to continue this. New programmings are being developped and sent out. The last few years I’ve seen some though ones being passed on. All created by this ‘god’ energy and send via Saturn and/or the Moon, straight into our chakras, picked up by the tuner in our minds (the pineal gland) and loaded directly into our body and mind as a physical reality. Newer programming like non-duality and the flat earth bullshit are examples of these kind of programming for the individual. For everything there is a program made just for you. If you are not aware of the manipulation via the chakras, than you really feel like your programming is the one and only truth.

Everything I describe in this article is not meant as a fear mongering story. It is meant to make you aware of the level of cosmic manipulation and deception. We can easily go without our chakras and without the interference of the pineal gland. We don’t need all the mind and soul control any longer. We can live and experience our true essence via our heart. When you are not aware of the manipulation, it can influence you. Now that you are aware of the manipulative working of the chakras and the pineal gland you will notice that you can not be influenced that easily by this ‘god’ energy.

The cosmic deception and manipulation goes a lot further than Saturn, the chakras, the mind and the pineal gland. In the next article I will continue important subjects like the kundalini and other traps of the cosmic Matrix.

 I (Mirjam) want to add something about the chakras, this (text) info comes from George Kavassilas.. The seven most commonly known chakras are aligned with certain parts of the Human anatomy and physiology. Five other main ones which are less commonly spoken of make a total of 12 major chakras; each 12 also aligning to a replicated strand of DNA. Yes, that means we originally had 12 strands of DNA. In the bible the seven commonly known chakras are referred to as ‘The Seven Seals’. Each one also correlates with the seven main colours of the light spectrum and the musical scale. See picture below which shows the 12 chakras:

12 CHAKRAS (no TM)

The Forces of Limitation & The Cosmic Deception

This article is a translation of the article written by Micky from the Dutch website Indigo Revolution http://www.indigorevolution.nl/De-Krachten-van-Beperking-De-Kosmische-Deceptie.html

In the first article I told extensively who we humans truly are on Earth and where we come from. In the second article I told about about the way to compression which we humans took and brought us to Earth, and I lifted a little corner of the veil about how and why of all this deception, control and counteraction which we experience on Earth. Before you continue to read, it is important to read these two mentioned articles, what I’m going to tell in this article is closely linked to these two articles. What I’m going to share in this article is not meant to scare you. Also that what I’m going to describe is not meant to be given more power then they already have. All I write about in these articles is meant as tools for self empowerment. Humanity has a collective  Calimero complex, as in “They are big and I am small, and that’s not fair!!” With the information in these articles I want you to remember it is possible to really change the World, simply by being our true authentic self again.

We as humanity here on Earth are busy with a unique never seen before process in this Universe. We went on the road of compression to finally graduate here on Earth at the Universal university. We have experienced and done all what can be experienced within this Universe and now it’s time to integrate all these experiences and all of our aspects with our essence. I call this ‘completion’ and/or becoming our multidimensional self again. As I described in the previous article many of us here on Earth are ‘ancients’, the oldest and most experienced souls within the cosmic arena. We were the firsts that went on the way/path/road to compression. A path which the grand majority of all souls who live inside the cosmic arena did not have the courage to take yet. Not everyone came into this Universe at the same time. There is also a large group within the cosmic arena who joined in since the beginning. They are also ‘ancients’ and they worked, just as we do, in co-creation with the living being which this Universe is. In the early period of the cosmic arena this group did this, just like we did, in harmony with life and the organic way of the Universe. We live in a Universe of light and the kind of language (for lack of a better word) of this Universe we call Logos. Logos works among other things by sound and vibration, and can be heard by the ones who work and live in harmony with this Universe. The group who I’m going to mention in this article could not hear the call/logos of the Universe, or did not want to hear this, because they were too far from the organic way of co-creation. This group believed too much in themselves. Why else do you call yourself ‘gods’? I write ‘gods’ often between quotation marks because there is no such thing as a god or gods that are better, higher, mightier or whatever than anyone else. We are all multidimensional beings who have projected an aspect of themselves in this Universe. Outside of this Universe we have/are also a Universe. So we are all equal. This group of ‘gods’ did not hear the call that The Universe send out, concerning the way/path to compression which would be created and followed. And that is what ‘one’ is bothering till today. To use an euphemism for this…

This group of ‘gods’ created, just like many of us have done, complete realities with everything in it. In the beginning they did this in harmony (co-creation) with this Universe and thus with life. This means that everything in such a reality are set up in feeding of the soul by experience. And with experience I mean all characteristics of light. To name a few for example duality, fragmentation and polarisation. Duality is an important characteristic that we wanted to experience by descending to the lower dimensions. Many seem to be forgotten this and want to chose one side of duality and rather ignore the other side, more on this later. Duality in organic (co-creation) form is totally different from duality in synthetic form. I will put myself as an example. Four years ago I was involved with a rare disease and it made me visually impaired. Medical science can not say how this is possible, all my genetics work just fine. I know I have chosen for this experience from a deeper aspect of myself. It is a negative experience. A negative experience from which I learn a lot and which brings me a lot of positive things. That is an organic dualistic experience. Within the organic Universe we need challenges to learn from and grow. You see, as it were, the rising of a high mountain in front of you, and you know: “I have to climb over this mountain!” and you know from inside that you will climb over this mountain. That’s how I see (for short) the experiences within the organic realities of this Universe. Everything in the organic Universe marks the growth of the soul/your essence. What the group of ‘gods’ created is the total opposite of that.

Don’t forget that within the cosmic arena (4D up to 1D) we always have a mind, in whatever shape or form. Extraterrestrials, angels, ‘gods’ and others who like to interfere with us here on Earth, want to make us believe that we on Earth are the only lifeforms in the cosmos who suffer from a mind-ego. The truth couldn’t be more of the opposite. To give a simple but effective example: Why does a ‘god’ who claims to be the creator of everything and everyone wants to be honoured and worshipped so badly? Why does a ‘god’ like that want us to kneel down and give all of our power and energy to this ‘god’? The answer: Because this ‘god’ has the biggest mind-ego of the cosmic arena. What else then a mind-ego will ask these things of it’s creatures? The group of ‘gods’ which I’m talking about in this article started to create realities in which they began feeding themselves, directly or indirectly, with the energy of the beings within these realities. They wanted to be worshipped. If not willingly, than unwillingly. They changed the realities which they created in co-creation with this Universe and which were characterised by experiencing and the organic life. They changed these realities into realities in which they got the leading role instead of the life within these realities. Everything in these realities is characterised by being submissive to these ‘gods’, the life in these realities is feeding them instead of life fed itself in these realities. I call this kind of realities the synthetic universe. I will come back to this extensively in following articles. There where we went on the road to compression and assisted to create the galactic whomb (the Milkyway galaxy), these ‘gods’ stayed behind there in their own ‘divine’ realities.

When the Milkyway was created and all life seemed to be present within the cosmic arena in compressed form  within the Milkyway, this group of ‘gods’ became angry. They felt ignored. They were jealous. They considered themselves greater and mightier than anyone else, and still they saw a lot of beings within the Milkyway that did hear the logos of the Universe. Jealousy turned into sheer resentment and one decided to sabotage the project Milkyway. One race after another within the Milkyway was being manipulated and/or  became a working member under the flag of this group of ‘gods’. The Draconians which resides in the starsystem Alpha Draconis are the most well known en powerful example of this. Especially the starsystem Orion had to suffer. Orion is, as I described in the previous article, the masculine universal energy/half in compressed form. This organic masculine energy had to be destroyed, just like the feminine universal energy which is the Milkyway. The Orion wars that followed were the most horrific wars ever with the use of technological weapons on wich many satanist here on Earth would be jealous. During these wars, the next step to compression was taken by many of us. A few races brought their hands together and one started the creation of our Solarsystem. The ship which was also used to create life in this Solarsystem is what we know these days as ‘our’ moon. This moon used to be a shiny middele point of life and was a Pleiadian starship *. Our Solarsystem is not just placed at the outer edges of the Milkyway, far away form the hectic centre, where these galactic wars were being played out in full force back in those days. This was done on purpose, so that the group of ‘gods’, which were grown out to a real empire of billions of races, would not come directly to ‘sabotage’the whole thing. In this manner the organic process/life in our Solarsystem could go on undisturbed for some millions of years.

*Micky has written about the moon in a separate article. I will explain shortly about what happened to this Pleiadian starship which we now know as the moon. The Forces of Limitation (the group of ‘gods’) captured this ship during a battle.  Actually this Pleiadian ship was a female being, a soul, she was one of the 7 sisters of the Pleiadians. She withdraw the lifeforce out of the ship/planetary body and took it back with her to the Pleiadians. The Forces of Limitation brought the planetary body into an orbit around Mars and took out all the crystals and lifeforce which were in the body. Now it was a dead body and they hollowed it out, transformed it into a sattelite and put silica (which is also present in our computers and body/bones) all over the surface of the dead planetairy body, which is now ‘our’ moon in the sky.  After this, they put the moon in Earth’s orbit and this created the well know flood. The moon is now used as a sattelite from which they can control the minds of the humans here on Earth (mind Matrix) and the silica is being used as an energetic communication form to manipulate us here on Earth through our mind and body.

I feel it’s important to explain shortly that all of what I write does not come from a state of victomhood.Yes, from a 3D perspective it looks like these ‘Forces of Limitation’ without invitation want to destroy us, control us, want to suck away our energy and want to sabotage/destroy all of our creations. But, we have invited them in a way to do this all to us and our creations. That sounds schizofrenic and it is like that when you see the meaning of  being multidimensional in that way. Don’t forget that all of what I describe here is being played out in the cosmic arena. This cosmic arena does not go furhter than 4D. Above 4D we are not eachothers enemies or gods or devils. As seen from these aspects of ours in and above the fifth dimension we play a kind of immensly complex roleplay for and with eachother within the cosmic arena. Without resistance and counteraction from these ‘Forces of Limitation’ we could not experience all of what we wanted to experience. Everything what happens within the Milkyway and thus also in our Solarsystem may happen with permission of this Universe. Otherwise it would not be present within the Milkyway. I understand that this statement might be a lot to take in right now. It was for me when I remembered this. Our mind wants to play the victim. Our mind wants to blame someone else for what is happening to us. I can  tell you now that nothing just happens to us. We have chosen (as our deeper aspects.. but not this 3D aspect) for all of our experiences within the galactic arena and thus also here on Earth. I know I trigger a lot of mind-egos with these statements. I could not leave it behind, it is part of the complete story and has everything to do with taking back our power and take responsibility for all of our own creations and all our aspects. If we want to graduate, if we really want to become multidimensional as in all dimensions of this Universe, we have to face the simple fact that everything that is happening to us or what we experience is created by ourselves. I usualy write from my 3D aspect, who is experiencing this on Earth.

What once started as a group of ‘gods’, became a real intergalactic cabal of mega proportions throughout the countless sextilllion years. A ‘god’, the one with the biggest cosmic mind-ego and the most powerful, rose up as the god that was standing above all the other ‘gods’.  We all know this ‘god’ from the bible, the quran and all other religions that are being rolled out on Earth by these ‘Forces of Limitation’ together with their puppets on earth which we call the Saturn cult. And this ‘god’/energy has a lot of different names and descriptions. Allah, Jahweh, Buddha, Shiva, Cronos, Zeus, just to name a few. But also the phenomenon what the New Age calls ‘Source’ is the name for this ‘god’energy. We don’t come from a source. We are infinite beings with no beginning or end. Here in the West we are used to terms like archons. These archons are also part of the intergalactic and interdimensional cabal which I call the ‘Forces of Limitation’. Because limitation is one of the most important weapons of this cabal. One works according to mind-ego use through strict hierarchy. You have the energy which calls itself god on top of the pyramid. There under the other ‘gods’ which I wrote about in this and previous article. The archons work under these ‘gods’. These intergalactic and interdimensional cabal have incorporated/lured a countless amount of races into their domains.

I will give another statement of which I know it can trigger mind-egos. All extraterrestrial races, all ascended masters in male and female form, all gods, all angels, all guides, in other words all that is contacting us and/or is not telling us that we are on the road of compression and we are infinite beings, are under control/influence of this intergalactic cabal. Aren’t there any extraterrestrials who mean well with us? Yes there are, the vast majority of all life in the cosmos. These races know what we are doing here on Earth. By that I mean the true reason why we are here on Earth. They know that we represent them here on Earth. That we are literally wayshowers for complete galaxies and civilisations. And because they know this, they let us be. We are the caterpillars transforming into butterflies. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Nothing or no-one outside of ourselves is going to ‘save’ us, because there is nothing to be saved for that matter. They will only intervene if the intergalactic cabal wants to do things that do not resonate with the path which we take with our mother planet. But besides that, these races and beings of the organic (co-creation) Universe will let us be. I can say with certainty that these races, which the alternative media is talking about, if they are in contact with the USA, Russia, David Wilcock, Billy Meier or Salusa and the Ashtar Command, are under influence and control of these ‘Forces of Limitation’. I don’t write this to frighten you, but to empower you. Because indeed there is so much energy and extreme attention which this cabal puts into the sabotage of our project here on Earth.

When I’m talking about the Forces of Limitation & The Cosmic Deception, than I’m talking about something that is immeasurable big and immensly complex. And it is also something that is super brilliant. I always say, credit where credit is due. We are dealing with a physical/visible section and a spiritual/invisible section. The physical section leads from the Earth to the Moon, than to Mars and then to Orion, which is still the base of operations of these Forces of Limitation. The spiritual section leads through Saturn. Saturn will be the mainly topic in the next article. The ‘Saturn Cult’ (the power) here on Earth are the puppets for these intergalactic and interdimensional cabal. They worship and honour this Saturn Cult in several ways. As in religion, as in symbolism as also in rituals. Physically in the shape of extraterrestrial races, and spiritualy in the form of pocession by interdimensional beings. Also people within the New Age are often pocessed, but than by the other side of the spectrum of duality. Both sides are the same when it concerns to give your power away to these Forces of Limitation. And both sides are serving a grander plan/purpose.


(Saturn symbolism in picture above)

Everyone is well known with the principle problem, reaction, solution. As above so below. Maybe you thought that this principle is only used by the power behind the power on Earth. Oh well, they are good at it. But they have learned this from the best. From their male and female masters. And these Forces of Limitation use this Saturn cult just for their own profit. Like it should be in a by mind ego managed intergalatic cabal. These Forces of Limitation are doing everything they can, really everything to sabotage our project and our pathway to our goal here on Earth. They do this, as seen from their perspective, for several reasons. The first reason was the resentment, envy and jealousy against the path we took to compression. Another reason is probably even more important to them. And this has to do with the solution for the problem here on Earth which the Saturn cult caused. We humans have all the genetic material what is availabe in this Universe, it is all in compressed form in our body.  With that, we have a treasure full of genetics and also energy in ourselves. This Forces of Limitation have never seen that before, let alone that they could abundantly and easily pocess this as they do now. You can hardly imagine how much energy is being tapped/sucked off from all the humans who give their power away to these Forces of Limitation en their ‘gods’. Each time kneeling and praying to Mecca, each time saying things like “thank god”, every prayer in church, every ritual within the New Age and so on.. all that energy flows right to this energy which calls itself god and it’s ‘godly’ friends. Also fear is an energy which they feed themselves with. Why do you think that there has not yet been a devastating war here on Earth? And do you know why the Georgia Guidestones talk rubbish and are meant to pronounce more fear to people? The answer is that these ‘gods’ will not destroy their ‘herd’. Every human which gives away their power to this cabal is a real human resource. We are their herd, a herd who gives them everything in energy and genetics in what they want to have. They won’t just give up on that. One will not attack us with violence or let us be destroyed. They have been there and done that in the past. With active agression you won’t acchieve a lot. Passive agression is the key to keep an entire civilisation enslaved.

In the countless sextilllion years of evolution that these Forces of Limitation have lived through within the cosmic arena, one slowely but surely found out that active agression will eventually overschoot the target. We have also seen this here on Earth. For instance, it is not for nothing that the USA is seen as the big satan these days by the rest of the world. Active agression ensures that the people you want to control will turn against you. That is what the Forces of Limitation learned from in al these years. Passive agression is the solution. Let the people think they get more freedom, let them be in the illusion that they are soevereign, but in the meantime you still control them through mind control and the chakras and/or the pinealgland. In other words: you make sure that the herd won’t find out who they truly are as multidimensional infinite beings. You make up all sorts of programs to keep them from that truth. You manipulate them. You mislead them and distract them. And not unimportant, you give them cosmic drugs for example. Cosmic what?! Cosmic drugs, being shot in your chakras, mind and pinealgland. You make the people think that they are enlightened, in other words you push them to one side of duality. The positive love and light side. For that religion and also the New Age is invented. It hypnotises people and forces them to chose one side of the dualitymedal. It is logical that people chose this path, when I just ‘awoke’ and heard all the doomsday stories, I also chose the positive/light side of the spectrum. It is logical, because it is accurately orchestrated by these Forces of Limitation.


These Forces of Limitation are busy with their predetermined plan with mother Earth and her humanity  for about 300 thousand years. The last 6000 years the pressure was increased. The people had to descend to the ‘Dark Ages’. The average life  expectancy was about 25 years. Murder, wars, slaughter, rape, stakes, bloodshed, deadly diseases and worse. We had to experience the darkest of the dark. And the dark section of the Forces of Limitation are still working to make it as dark as possible. War after war, created shortage and poverty, suppression, you name it, all meant to make us desperate. And to make us long for the light. For harmony, for love.. Love is being used against us. Everybody is talking about love. But do we know what real love is, organic love and thus unconditional love?  Many of us were led to believe the desinformation version of love  and live it. The version being preached within all religions, also in the New Age. It is a conditional synthetic form of love. Every new ager who says that the love they preach are also organic and thus unconditional, I invite them to reconsider that idea after reading my next article about the chakras. The problem was and is the active agression, made possible by the Saturn cult and organisations and groups without empathy that fall under this cult. That way of control does not work anymore for more and more people, hence all the revolutions and demonstrations and everything that has to do with that. The reaction to that problem is “Help us, we are tired of the dark!!” The logic solution to the problem is being presented by the ones that cause that same problem, as it always goes with problem, reaction, solution tricks. The goal is to lure many people as possible to the love and light side of duality. You give them a little more freedom and you make them feel good. Blissed out. One mostly does not want to see the dark anymore once they arrived on that other side of duality. Burying one’s head in the sand and ignoring the other side is mostly the motto of the new age light and love side of the spectrum. That is passive agression in a nutshell. The goal of passive agression is to allure as many  people as possible away from the Earth and/or distract/keep away from the truth about their true unique multidimensional Infinite self who is here on Earth with a reason at this moment.

A great weapon are the earlier mentioned chakras. These chakras are together with the pinealgland, the mind and the kundalini the important tools to keep humans from remembering who they truly are deep inside. The chakras are directly in connection with Saturn. That is the teaser I will leave you with for now. The next article will be totally devoted to this chakra manipulation by the Forces of Limitation.

Know Thyself (interview met George Kavassilas)

Ik heb zojuist een interview beluisterd met George Kavassilas op The Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show. De link zet ik onderaan (Return of George Kavassilas). Ik heb het zelf de titel Know Thyself gegeven. Hierin laat George de mind wereld en realiteit zien waarin nog velen leven via de kosmische en aardse decepties (chakra’s, pijnappelklier en mind programma’s). Denk hierbij aan religies en New Age. Hoe de god entiteit werkt en hoe de wereld binnenkort onder de controle staat van de New World Order (licht en liefde programma) waarin AI (kunstmatige intelligentie) een grote rol zal spelen. En hoe belangrijk het is om werkelijk weer je ware zelf te zijn en uit te dragen in deze wereld. We zijn allemaal co-creators van het Universum, sterrenstelsels etcetera. We zijn er altijd al geweest en zullen er altijd zijn, we zijn NOOIT gecreëerd en hoeven niet gered te worden (tenzij dit je pad is). Wij zijn degenen waar we op hebben gewacht. Een aanrader om dit interview te luisteren.. Oordeel zelf. Know Thyself and you will know The Universe!



Einde van het jaar.. een nieuw begin begint bij jezelf

We zitten in de laatste maand van het opgedrongen gregoriaanse kalender jaar 2015 en mensen proosten straks op oudejaarsavond op een nieuw jaar, een nieuw begin. Maar wat bedoelt men dan met een nieuw begin?

Zolang men met hun mind in de matrix blijft, zal er nooit sprake zijn van een echt nieuw begin, want de matrix is zo gemaakt dat alles zich weer zal herhalen.. zoals de tradities, religieuze feesten zoals kerst en pasen, maar ook je leef patroon met je werk, boodschappen doen, huishouden, eten , slapen etc.  Natuurlijk veranderen er wel persoonlijke omstandigheden, denk aan verhuizingen, geboortes, overlijden en een andere baan. En er worden diverse agenda’s uitgespeeld. Voor velen blijft deze matrix wereld werkelijkheid in hun mind. Maar de werkelijkheid vind je in je hart, je ware essentie.

Op internet barst het van de (new age/alternatieve) websites met veelal sprookjesverhalen over onze ‘ascentie’ en de ascentie van moeder Aarde en opgestegen meesters. Je moet vooral positief denken, er wordt heel veel op de mind gefocused (pijnappelklier) of men spreekt over het hart, maar dan over het organische hart of de hartchakra. Niet over onze hartkern. En er wordt veel geschreven over de chakra’s en kundalini. Pijnappelklier en chakra’s, allemaal 4D constructies om je te beperken/af te leiden van je ware zelf, je essentie. Mensen welke op deze site de artikelen lezen, zullen denk ik veelal bewuster zijn van hun essentie.

Ik heb zelf jaren lang in de mind matrix wereld geloofd en beleefd, proostte ook op een nieuw begin, dacht mijn geluk te vinden in relaties, trouwen en kinderen krijgen. Maar nooit voelde ik het complete geluk, voelde ik steeds dat ik iets miste. Tot ik uiteindelijk weer bewust werd van wie ik in wezen ben, van mijn essentie. Ik ben daarin nog “verdwaald” geweest in het New Age sprookjesbos, maar dit heeft allemaal zo moeten zijn. Om te ervaren en ben ik ook dankbaar voor de matrix programma’s. We hebben hier tenslotte zelf om gevraagd, om de afleidingen en zeg nu zelf.. de programma’s zijn zo knap gemaakt, het merendeel van de mensheid zitten er nog in vandaag de dag. Die vieren nog kerst om de ‘geboorte’ van jezus te vieren, wachten op zijn wederkomst, kinderen die jubelend uitkijken naar de cadeaus onder de kerstboom.. misschien toch een nieuwe iPhone onder de boom dit jaar.., mensen moeten nog eens extra consumeren in de maand december, weer een nieuwe mode kleuren trend qua kerstversiering voor je kerstboom, exclusief en duur eten is het motto en weer een nieuwe kerstoutfit. Voor de mind gemoedsrust van de mensen, kun je weer wat euro’s doneren aan het glazen huis. En vergeet de platte aarde theorie niet. Maar weinig mensen zien hun ware essentie, de essentie van moeder Aarde, de essentie van alles eigenlijk. Laat staan dat ze hier bewust mee verbonden zijn.


Mijn “nieuwe” begin is reeds begonnen sinds ik weer bewust verbonden ben met mijn (diepere zelf) essentie en met de essentie van anderen, de essentie van moeder Aarde en vader Zon. Door met je essentie te verbinden en werken, verandert er echt iets in deze wereld, eigenlijk door het hele Universum heen. Aangezien we multidimensionaal zijn, hebben we door het Universum allemaal aspecten van ons zelf en zodra wij als ons gecomprimeerde aspect hier in 3D gaan veranderen, door onze mind uit de matrix te halen, weer te verbinden met je essentie en hiermee te werken creëren we echt een nieuw begin, de matrix verliest zo steeds meer grip op ons. Onze aspecten in andere werelden, dimensies, planeten, alternatieve realiteiten etcetera, worden hierdoor ook beïnvloedt. Het werkt als een ripple effect door het hele Universum heen. Om de verschillende beperkende 4D constructies af te breken, kun je op deze site informatie vinden in de verschillende artikelen om onder de grip van de 4D matrix uit te komen en nog meer vanuit je essentie te handelen en leven. Ik zeg “Proost” op een nieuw begin met jezelf, als jezelf.

Geschreven door Mirjam