Your own reality on demand, tailored and delivered to your doorstep

This is a translation from the article written by Micky from the Dutch website Indigo Revolution When you did not read the previous articles, please see link

Within the New Age we are overloaded by stories without any evidence or statement and are sold like hot cakes. One of these stories, in which there is a lack of any evidence, the statement is “The pineal gland is very important and good for us, because ‘one’ is poisoning our pineal gland with fluoride!” I hear and read this urban legend on the internet for years. The pineal gland is being calcified due to the use of fluoride. This being a conspiracy from the ‘forces behind the forces’, according to many within the alternative media. The pineal gland is indeed calcifying, when you don’t do a lot with it. The reason for this is that the pineal gland is a biological implant, which does not belong in our human bodies. Our body rejects such an unnatural implant. Therefor the calcification. It’s also nonsense to believe that the pineal gland is good for you, because someone or something is poisoning it which is forbidden. If you take that statement on to other things like for example the use of heroin, which also is forbidden by law and advised against by physicians, that would mean that heroin is in fact good for you  because ‘one’ thinks you should not use heroin? Besides the fact that fluoride is being used to keep us calm. The pineal gland is not a dormant gland which needs to be activated. The pineal gland does its work, whether you are aware of it or not. Meditations or rituals for activating or training the pineal gland are meant to tune in your conciousness into the cosmic Matrix. It’s pure misleading and deception, to keep you unaware and busy. Pineal gland and chakra programming are created to keep you under control. They keep you entrapped inside your  mind-conciousness and keep you from being aware of who and what you really are in essence (see link).  The pineal gland in combination with the chakras and the mind makes you believing in a kind of virtual reality and start living that reality. You think you are living that reality, but the truth is that you are tuned into a tailored reality, being delivered to your doorstep for free.


Almost everyone who is reading this has lived and believed in one or more of these virtual realities. For example, we thought for sure that the Matrix reality which we lived for the most part of our lives was real. We did our utmost best at school, we wanted a great job, to make a lot of money, house-bells and bliss and we believed that all the systems within the virtual Matrix reality was based on reality. Denial is useless, we all did this more or less, we all believed and lived the Matrix dream which was being loaded as a virtual reality in our conciousness. You could speak about pure mind control, but to take it further, you could speak about the pineal gland, which in combination with the mind and chakras, made it seem like that Matrix dream was super real. The pineal gland is the busybody which resides in our brain and thus in our mind. I will give some examples in this article of alternative realities that can be facilitated by this pineal gland. In fact each reality which you think that’s for real, but differs from the organic universal plan which I call the path to compression (see link).

The pineal gland is part of the endocrine system. This endocrine system excists out of a few glands which give of hormones to our blood and influences our mood. The pineal gland is the game divider, the spill in the network. And the pineal gland is also the gland in our body which connects the chakra layer, which surrounds our body, to our physical body. These chakras can be manipulated, so you also think you are physically living the truth. I will also give some examples of my own life, because I’ve experienced it myself, I don’t repeat the knowledge of others in this, I know how the mechanics of manipulation works.

The pineal gland is like a tv-tuner. A tv-tuner receives a complete range of signals/frequencies and tunes the tv to a certain channel. Each channel has its own frequency, they all excists next to eachtother and mixed in the aether or inside of a cable. It’s the tv-tuner which selects the right program for you out of all the frequencies. You see and experience only that one channel on that particular frequency on your tv. The pineal gland works in that kind of way. It catches signals, which are invisible to the human eye, and then tunes in the reality which we experience to a certain channel/program. We then think that the reality we experience is the only real reality, like it is the truth. How many of these programs have you worked through in this life? I have worked through some and each time I knew for sure that the reality I experienced was the truth. When I look back on this I know I was being manipulated.

A well know  phenomenon within the New Age media is the twin flame/twin ray program. This program is a school example of the manipulation of our chakras and pineal gland which gives us a certain reality which we asked for. I have experienced this myself. Before that I did not resonate with these stories about twin flames, I laughed about it and thought it was as common as a normal crush which people made bigger than it was in reality. Untill I experienced it myself. I was cured within two months. But before that period, I did not know what I was experiencing, I began to freak out and almost lost myself completely in it. Five years ago I was in contact with a female visitor from my website. This happens often, but it was different this time. She lived nearby so we decided to meet and have a drink on a terrace.  We had a fun time. After a few minutes it was happening.. I felt a certain energy coming up inside of me. If I have to describe it than  it was like a mix of too much red bull with too much xtc. I felt like I was in a kind of bubble. The rest of the world did not seem to excist anymore, a very strange energy was released which we both noticed. When I was driving home I was still under the influence of that energy. Even when it was after midnight, and I should be feeling tired, I was bursting out of energy. It was a very pleasant energy. I have almost never felt that good. Nothing really happened  besides a lovely chat and having a drink, but I just knew for sure that she had to be my twinflame. The stories were true after all, I thought, the phenomenon excists! I had so much energy and blissed out on this cosmic drugs, that I drove around  in my car on deserted highways for hours. Like a professional formula 1 driver which could not get rid of his energy. She seemed to have experienced the same. But it did not work out between us, because she already had a twinflame of which she was convinced that he belonged to her, but he did not confirm. I could only think ” You don’t belong to that guy, you belong to me, we experienced this energy right?!” For two months I lived in an alternative reality. I felt in my heart that we belonged together, I felt in my belly  that it was meant to be and each time I saw her my illusion was being confirmed. That energy would come up each time and we lived in a bubble. I was also confirmed in my delusion by all sorts of synthetic synchronicities. 11:11, 1:23, 2:22, you name it and I saw it constantly on my computerclock or my mobile phone. I searched for the meaning of that kind of synchronicities and guess what: if you saw that kind of combinations you were on the right path. Than you were doing the right thing and what you think of is true. I constantly was thinking of her in that period. So I was constantly being confirmed in my delusion. It was my delusion, my reality, because she experienced it differently. And that made me crazy. I almost lost it and I sat at the side of the water. Alone with myself and the silence of the water. Than I realised I was losing it, I let myself be fooled. I seemed to have experienced a virtual reality. Where I thought that it was my heart, it was my heartchakra. Where I thought to have butterflies in my stomach, and a gut feeling, it turned out to be my sacral chakra being manipulated. All the synthetic synchronicities is also caused by the manipulation of the chakras, where do you think the impulse comes from to just check your watch at that moment? Real organic synchronicity doesn’t happen via clocks and other synthetic appliances. Synthetic synchronicity only happens when you are stuck in a synthetic reality. I was being manipulated through my chakras and pineal gland and all along I thought that that synchronicity showed me that the reality I was living was the only true reality. The cosmic energy, I prefer to call it drugs, because that’s how it feels like, was being put in my body through the crown chakra. I completely lost my way and luckily I found myself again after a few weeks. I cherish this experience. Now I know what synthetic love is and what true organic love is. I also know by this kind of experiences ‘one’ would do anything to keep us from our path by using all sorts of (cosmic) manipulation.

The twinflame/ray/soul program is one of the most well known virtual realities which can be loaded via your pineal gland and it’s a part of the countless virtual realities being subjected to the ‘Love & Light’ New Age deception. And that New Age deception is many times bigger than you might think. New Age was not my cup of tea, but besides the twinflame program I had another New Age program loaded. Light versions of the New Age die hard programmings, on which I will come back later. The thread in many of these programs  is feeling superior, having a cosmic ego, I call this egocentric attitude being spiritual arrogant. I’ve also been spiritual arrogant. After I ‘awoken’ from the Matrix dream,  I came to a point that I knew I did not just incarnate here on Earth. There had to be more then all the stories about the NWO and their sadistic plans to keep us enslaved and destroy us. I knew I was here for something much grander and important. But, what is it? You name it, we’ve got it, that had to be the thoughts of the Forces of Limitation (see link) when I came to that point in my process. I asked for it myself and received a tailored virtual reality. I entered the starseed program. Now, when I hear the word children of the new age, I’m about to vomit. But back then, I was totally into children of the new age. Because I thought I was one myself. And not just one. I was here on a mission on Earth. It was my first incarnation, I thought, here on Earth and I came from the stars! Now I know we all come from the stars and we are stars and a whole lot more than that, but back then I thought “indeed! I honoustly answered all the list with questions  and all of the tests showed me I was a starchild. The description was also correct, I have never felt at home here on Earth, I had always been different, yeah man I am a starseed!” And the principal worked in the same way as with other synthetic programs. I saw 11:11 on the clock when I was reading a description of a book about starseeds. I thought “that is a sign, I must order that book and read it!!” And I did. In my body I felt I was on the right path. Time after time I was being confirmed in my delusion, because that’s how the synthetic realities work presented through our pineal gland. I just knew for sure that I was here with a small group on Earth to take all the normal Earthlings by the hand, to guide them, to be a mentor to them, I who came from the stars, and them being trapped here on Earth… I became a kind of Jehovah witness and wanted to save everyone, because that is what my reality/program which I had loaded told me to do. I really thought I knew the truth in that moment. And it was really a thought. Because it wasn’t inner knowing, but a through my mind projected truth.


I know for certain that a lot of readers had simular experiences and still do. I can tell from the reactions I get. I see it in my surroundings. And I see it especially a lot within the alternative media. For everyone’s mood a tailored program is created and this reality is being loaded into conciousness through the pineal gland. There are multiple levels. You have the real hard core pineal gland realities like non-duality. Non-duality makes you believe that nothing matters. Everything is conciousness. Literally everything. And we are all the same conciousness what is now experiencing  the same conciousness in human form. In other words: I am the same as you are, we are one, there is no I, there is no you, there only is conciousness, there is no evil in the world, and if there is then it doesn’t matter, because these bad guys are the same as you and I, and together we are one conciousness what is experiencing itself, why would you worry about something, if you can lay on your couch the entire day, after all you are nothing more than conciousness what is experiencing? That is non-duality in a nutshell. A clearly tailored  reality, in which people get stuck as it is the only real truth. I say tailored on purpose. Because people that enter this non-duality reality asked for it themselves. Most were tired of searching. Too many times they found out that they once again believed in a synthetic reality, many are coming directly out of the hard New Age programming. They were despondent, every time they thought they found the truth, and found out that they tricked themselves. A lot of these people are also afraid for the real truth. They don’ really want to know that they are here on Earth for a reason. That they have chosen for this life on Earth. And they are responsible for this life and everything that comes with it, because you have that responsibility when you know that you have chosen for your experiences here on Earth. They don’t want that responsibility or can not handle it right now. That’s why they believed in all sorts of New Age programs. Instead of taking back control these people ask, on an energetic level, for a tailored reality. A reality on which they truly believe that it is the only real possible truth. They think that conciousness is all there is and that conciousness is infinite. They only feed themselves with other non-duality stories from only non-duality gurus. Conciousness is indeed huge. But it is finite. It is limited to the cosmic arena and does not go further then 4D. Everything which excists above that doesn’t use a mind, chakras or a pineal gland and has nothing to do with conciousness. Conciousness is namely a mind only occasion.

Within the alternative media I see countless examples of alternative realities being experienced from the mind and thus from the pineal gland. How many people think that their reality is the only right reality? Do you know how many people email me and declare that they are better then someone else, because they meditate a lot each day? Why are you a better person when you meditate? I don’t mean to say that all meditations are the same, but in general it means that people that meditate bring in ‘light’ (synthetic energy) within themselves from an external source. Reiki is a good example. Someone who is practising Reiki feels like a real master. A master that sees others, who don’t believe in his or her reality, like someone that don’t get it. Because a Reiki master feels superior. I get that. Because that is the cosmic drugs which I wrote about earlier in this article. Cosmic drugs completed with external entities which have control over the Reiki master, because this Reiki master has been so naive to open his or her crownchakra and pineal gland widely for external manipulation. Someone like that experiences  a reality that is different than the real reality. You name it, they have got it!

The Schumann Resonance. Also a beautiful pineal gland/chakra manipulation program which gives people the experience of an alternative reality. Just opening your chakras wide open and let yourself be injected with all sorts of cosmic drugs and entities. And you name it the Schumann resonance. Which is bullcrap. Because the real Schumann resonance is 7,83 hertz. The Schumann resonance is the organic frequency that mother Earth sends out, a certain frequency by which us humans are feeling nice and comfortable. That frequency is in relax mode. Not in deep meditative state. When you are in a deep meditative state, then the frequency is beneath 6 hertz. Than you have fallen asleep. And that’s why people who have loaded these kind of realities through their pineal gland are so passive and behave like zombies.

The mind in combination with the chakras and the pineal gland I call the holy trinity of manipulation. They work just fine on their own, but a combination of several of these cosmic software packages creates miracles. The chakras make you feel like you are on the right path, the pineal gland makes you experience a reality in which you can immerse. And the mind justifies and strongly defends your tailored reality. The Forces of Limitation and their Earthly puppets which we call the Saturn cult know this too well and use it more often. 9/11 is a good example. How many people think to know for certain that the Twin Towers are brought down by means of ‘controlled demolition’? Because WTC 7 was clearly collapsed under control? We all saw that. Also in the case of building 7. But that does not mean that the Twin Towers, in which so called planes flew in, are also brought down in that way. The controlled collapsing of WTC 7 took place, in my opinion, as a distraction, as part of a predetermined plan. It was feeding virtual realities  which were formed within and by the alternative media. To make them look like fools. Everyone who is watching the images again (see link) and puts his or truth aside, will see that the two towers literally went up in dust. No controlled demolition. Only a few meters of debris remained, of all the dozens of floors. Then what was it? No idea. Something that can let constructions go up in dust in no time. A weapon of which we don’t officially know its excistence yet. But still hundreds of thousands are convinced there had to be ‘controlled demolition’, and/or the towers must have collapsed. Even if the images and the piles of debris show something completely different.

I see more destractions being played out with certain events and disasters. For example the video from the Charlie Hebdo shooting. A guard is being shot in cold blood. Awful. Short detail:  there is no blood. And so, many believe, that no shooting took place  at Charlie Hebdo editorial office. I can’t say for certain what happened, I was not there and am left with what I see and hear in the media, just like everyone else. I can only speculate. Still there are a lot of people within the alternative media who think with certainty that no shooting took place inside of the editorial office, because a video was released which showed what happened outside on the street from the top of a roof (that video was indeed fake if you ask me). No one has been inside during the event and no one saw images from the inside and still many believe in a total hoax.

I also see this with the MH17 disaster. When the news came out, I saw that the Dutch news NOS had found a message which they found on twitter. In that tweet a photo was shown with a pile of Dutch passports, which seem to be found on the crash site. Within  a short hour! All in good shape. The only weird thing was that the passports had holes. Someone who thinks logically would think “Yeah holes in passports, put on a pile, that photo must be taken at a random Dutch Town hall, because they collect expired passports and shoot a hole through it”. Also it seemed strange to me that within one hour, while no one was at the crash site, aid workers would have succeeded in collecting a pile of Dutch passports. Many within the alternative media took this picture as evidence. Evidence of a hoax. It had to be a hoax, because the fools had collected all the passports by forhand, only they forgot that there were holes in it.. that picture, which was found on twitter, was feeding certain virtual realities of people from the start. Later there were some pictures of wreckage with the serial number MH370 in stead of MH17, windows seem to be placed differently in the wreckage, and some other tactics meant to mislead people were being used. All of the pictures came from sources whom I don’t trust. Or via social media, or the mainstream media. No one really knows what exactly happened, because we were not there ourselves. And still many of us seem to know for sure what happened, because they think they know the truth, and thinking is something totally different than knowing. I can’t say I know what happened in the sky with MH17. I can speculate, but I don’t live that speculation as the truth.

I also see a lot of tailored realities in which people are over the top sceptic and live by it. “Everything is fake. Everything is a hoax. We know absolutely nothing!” I get these kind of reactions when I talk about the Moon, Mars, the Sun or the Earth. People come and tell me that “my statements are based on the lies of  NASA, because NASA is the only one that takes pictures from those objects!”Oh is that so? Don’t we see the Sun and the Earth on a daily basis? If we look up at night don’t we see any stars? And that Moon looks very real for an object which NASA is lying about… The Milkyway is also something we must assume it excists because NASA says so… seriously I read those comments a lot. Then I think “leave your laptop, computer or tablet and look up at night! Why can’t we as people know if there is a Milkyway or not? We just see the Milkyway and all of the billions of stars? That simple logic reasoning is too far fetched for people who have loaded programs via their pineal gland and thus loaded alternative realities in which we seemingly don’t seem to know anything for sure. Just being sceptic about everything. Thinking logically is replaced for shutting down of all information. I let everyone be, everyone has his/her own choice, but by not reading or listening to something you are being isolated in your own limited virtual reality. And to see how far one could go with this programming, one created the ‘Flat Earth’ program. The story of the flat Earth is complete nonsense. We all know inside ourselves that the Earth is a living being and a round planet. And when we look up at night we also see billions of stars and we can see planets and moons that are round. Though a ‘flat earther’ thinks he/she knows for sure that the Earth is flat and every other statement about that are lies of NASA and are the elite power behind the power. Where it comes to with this flat Earth program is that one is totally blocked his/her inner knowing. Ones believe is so deep that they can not see nothing else besides the program. Put them in a plane behind a window to look at the curving of the Earth and they will tell you that it is a mirage, an optic illusion.

I can go on for hours with giving examples, but I think I made it clear enough. Everyone is allowed to do what they want, I also do that . But don’t ever underestimate the immensely manipulation possibilities of the holy trinity of manipulation of chakras, mind and pineal gland. The holy trinity takes care of your tailored reality on demand, delivered at your doorstep for free. You can’t trade and you won’t get your money back when you are sick and tired of the virtual realities.